Saturday, August 18, 2012

How NBS brightened my day... :)

And I'm back to in my blogging busines... :D

I'm currently on a loooong vacation/weekend because of the holidays which resulted to me having no classes for, see, 6 days! Hehe. Well, I couldn't really say that it's a total vacation since my reports and paperworks are piled up, but it's better than having none. Add the fact that I'm also in an extended stay in our house, might as well take advantage of the unlimited internet connection. XD

And remember how I mentioned in my last post that some of my keys aren't working... well, I found a perfect temporary solution. Since I don't really have the time to search for a proper service center for my laptop.. I decided to buy a *plays a cheerful trumpet sound* plug-and-play keyboard. Hehe. Am I a genius or not? Joke. Well, in truth, @icantspelldhei gave me the idea. She have the same problem as mine and decided to buy one.

Ahmm...yeah, I just remembered what I want to share by writing my post. Sorry for my random ramblings, hehe, I used to do that a lot. XD

Well, National Book Store, a local book store, is currently ON SALE... and last time, they posted a picture of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series which is on a, i think, 20% discount sale. So from the original price of 1,495php... it was reduced to 1,295php. Quite a deal,  eh? Especially since the said set contained all 5 books released under the series... and if you're a reader of this blog for a while now, you should already know that I am CRAZY about the series.

Here's a confession: I'm already very very close to finishing book three, and all these time, from book one 'till now, I am reading it in e-book. Though it was really against my principles, well, I can't do anything about it because money has been pretty tight these past few months and I can't really spare so much. Since I really can't get enough of the series.. I settled for it.

And now comes the catch. So I posted it right? I tagged my father in the comment section and he told me outright to ask my mother for money. Haha. Okay, for a second there, I think I have the best parents in the world. LOL. My mother objected at first, but after a little persuasion... she said she would. Yey. But she can only give it at the end of the month. Yay? XD And then I remembered that the sale would end on Sunday... so, I was pretty disappointed. Here I am, after months of persuasion, won't be getting what I want with how much my parents agreed to shoulder them. Sad, right?

But, luckily, after a few hours of realizing it... National Bookstore announced:

Yes! The sale was extended. Words can't describe how happy I am, really. XD

I immediately checked the nearest branch if the series was available, and it is! :)) So much happiness for just one day. While I was caressing the covers (and I was handling it like a fragile vase, I look like a fool), I swear, I am imagining how it would feel like reading those books in all their printed glory. After all, nothing beats the feeling of reading books in print. There's just this distinct relaxing feel to it. :)

This is quite random, I know. And I congratulate whoever got it this far. Hehe.

And so.. I would like to conclude this post with a quote which NBS posted in it's page:

Quite accurate, right? :)

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