Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SYTYCD Appreciation Post: Mia Michaels "Addiction" Routine

One thing that really really surprised me is that in one year of blogging in this account, I haven't created a single appreciation post for one my most worshiped and loved TV programs: So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). It is a reality show in Fox wherein dancers with different specialties are challenged to take on different genres of dance.

And since I also realized that it has been quite a while now since I last shared a decent video here, I decided to talk about one piece in particular: ADDICTION.

This may seem a bit timely, because before revealing the Top 10, the show broadcasted a tribute episode to it's most 'Emmy-decorated' choreographer, Mia Michaels -- in which the contestants recreated her most famous routines from the past seasons that she has been part of the show.

And though this season's Cole and Lindsay were the ones who recently danced this addiction routine, what I would like to share in this post is actually the original. Even though I have only watched the show for about 2 seasons, I've gained enough love and respect for this show to start digging past videos of the 7 equally incredible seasons that I've missed.

Back in SYTYCD Season 5, here is the original Addiction routine choreographed by the fabulous Mia Michaels. Danced by Kayla Radomski and Kupono Aweau. Set to Sarah Bareilles' Gravity.

I'm pretty sure every person has experienced having something you're not supposed to want but still continuing to want it. Even though you know that's it's not good for you, in worse scenarios, even destroying you slowly... for some reason you keep wanting more. There's no escape. And sometimes, you feel like you have no choice. No choice but to succumb to it. That no matter how much you get away from, you keep coming back.

That desperation of trying to get away from it. That feeling as if your life depended on it. And that it is controlling your whole existence.

Kayla mirrored that feeling perfectly. Especially that climax part where she held up her hand, seemingly reaching for something, but then Kupono just grabbed her wrist, pulling her down. That part always get to me.

Kupono became a moving portrayal of addiction. Dark, sinister. With that evil smirk on his face whenever Kayla try to get away from him because he knows that whatever she would do, she will always comeback.

I'm not much drawn to addiction as a subject, especially that 'drug' part. But watching this piece always beaks my heart. And whenever I see this, I always shed a tear or two.

I have nothing against Cole and Lindsay, they are beautiful dancers. In fact, all four them are gorgeous dancers... but something about this interpretation pricks my heart. It's more raw? And perhaps too painful to watch? As a fellow commenter pointed out, "Kayla danced this as though her life depended on it -- as if she need this to breathe." Does that even make sense? Hehe.

Books and dance are somewhat alike... in the sense that they let you experience and feel things you've never experienced or felt before. But what is unique about dance is it's ability to convey a message and let the audience feel raw emotion without words, just movements.

All hail, Mia Michaels. And the dancers, as well. :)


  1. The routine is so moving... and as always, I was moved because Gravity is one of my favorite songs... woah!

    1. yeah...naiiyak ako pag pinapanood ko. may something na masakit. XD

      ad the fact na ang ganda pa ng song. :)


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