Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SB 191 Thoughts.


Skip Beat 191 was released, and yeah, I was pretty pleased by it.

While I am a loyal Ren x Kyoko shipper... I can’t deny the fact that Shotaro was an integral part of the story as well. He is the reason why Kyoko entered show business in the first place, and is pretty much the motivating force behind Kyoko’s determination, besides not wanting to disappoint Ren.
Putting Sho in the background (almost non-existent at all, if you think about it) in the latest chapters has gotten me kind of tired with the ‘Dark Breath’ series of chapters. I understand that Ren and Kyoko needed some alone-time in order to fully understand their feelings – especially Kyoko because Ren has clearly figured it out himself already no matter how much he hides it. But...bleh.

I am not one to complain, and I do not want to make things more complicated but I want more of the love triangle that Skip Beat is meant to be (in my head, at least). Though Skip Beat pretty much chronicles how Kyoko is supposed to take the show business by storm, step by step... but I want to see development in terms of her personal relationships... with Sho and Ren. Ren is beginning or should I say, already, occupying a big place in her heart, possibly greater than Sho was able to in the past. And no matter how Kyoko refuse confrontations, it will happen sooner or later.

I want action.

I’m a loyal advocate of the idea that Sho is just being like this because he didn’t want to admit that he still care for Kyoko. Heck, I think he is in love with her, in his own way. He just doesn’t want to admit it to himself. I want Sho to be in the spotlight once more. Because I think that’s the only way to make Ren come out of his shell, and finally be able to at least let Kyoko know the extent of his feelings for her. Because it just hurt me... every time he lets himself loose and then stopping midway because he thinks he doesn’t deserve any of it, and just pat her in the head even though all he wants to do is hold her.

I want them to go head to head with each other. I want Sho to stop pretending, and just admit, defeatedly, to Kyokko that he needs her. And I want Ren to fight for her, not give way every friggin’ time.
The ‘Dark Breath’ series has been going for a while now.. and I want to believe that at the end of it, there would be something that would play an integral part in the direction in which the series is going. The Ren back stories were nice, and at times, shocking... but I want the good old days, the beginning chapters, where the direction in which the manga is going can be seen pretty clearly.

Endless rambles, I know. Well, here, my friends, is development:

For a second there, I thought I saw desperation in his eyes. And maybe hurt... haha, or may it was just my friggin’ imagination. XD
For the most part, for some ridiculous reason, I find this chapter quite heart-breaking. Maybe it’s the way Sho’s walls were slowly crumbling, and his jealousy is starting to show. Or maybe it’s what Kyoko said in the last pages.

Though that admission provided comic relief, from the way it was delivered, there is something painful in it. The fact that she swore to herself to never ever let herself love again is quite sad.
And I know that she is slowly admitting to herself that Ren is indeed a special person to her, but she is really holding back – not giving in, just because of her promise to herself, never to let herself look like a fool again.

“I won’t cry, no matter how my heart aches...”

Just ouch.
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