Saturday, September 8, 2012

I sit in my bed... trying to write things. And by writing them, I rid my mind of clutter. And posting them online gives off that sense that somehow, these thoughts are special. That somewhere, here in this country, or in this world, someone is reading it, and appreciating it – appreciating me.

This may come off a bit odd, but this is a letter – untitled – to whoever is reading this right now.

Whether you visit this blog regularly, or just came across this crap while searching the internet for book love or book quotes or random stuffs, i just wanna say THANK YOU.

Thank you for somehow reading this blog. Whether it’s just a glimpse, a minute or two, or somehow, luckily, hours – THANK YOU.

For putting up with my constant jibber jabbers – THANK YOU.

For just simply being there – THANK YOU. :)


  1. I'm reading your blog (^_^) Just keep blogging Riza :)

    1. thanks ate glenn. :) you too, keep blogging. <3


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