Sunday, September 30, 2012

A break in a stressful life... #funtime :)

You know how I kept going on and on about how stressed out I’ve been these past few days? Well, yeah, that statement stands still... but I just want to say that despite setbacks, there are still a couple of moments that I find myself enjoying and having fun.. Take for example: YESTERDAY.

September 29, 2012 | At that day, we attended the 2012 Regional PICPA Conference at Hotel Dominique, Tagaytay City. It was supposed to be a two-day conference for CPAs all around Region IV, but I guess some accountancy students were invited. There were just a few, us included, alongside some students from LPU-C and DLSU-D. I think one of the perks of this seminar is me having to see some of my old acquaintances from high school and even elementary. Well, being the socially awkward human being that I am, I just got to say “Hi” to some. XD

The ride:

Tagaytay City is really quite close to our school so some may expect that we’ve visited it for the nth time already. But, nah! I, myself, just visited it, I think, 4 times (?) during my whole college run – this being the 4th. XD

It was a slightly rainy day, with a very damp atmosphere. So guess what? FOG! Philippine don’t have winter, so I think the closest thing to it is having thick fogs all over. When we and my classmates were on our way to Tagaytay, the fog was so thick I initially thought someone lit a big fire. LOL.
No. It's not blurred. That's just how wet and foggy the road is.
We enjoyed the ride. And the kind driver drove us straight to our location because we’re his only passengers. (We filled the whole jeepney! XD)

The Event:

The amazing thing about Hotel Dominique is when you first see it, it looks pretty small to be a hotel. I am always accustomed to hotel being high rising and stuff like that, so we were pretty surprised. It turns out that the hotel was constructed to be look like a compound – houses with several rooms in them which are flocking together in one place. The landscape was pretty interesting, it’s like you’re in some executive village where the houses were kept pretty close to each other.

A picture I took while walking towards the hall.
Woops! That’s ME in RED. :) Bianca took this one.
All signs were written in Filipino, I guess. This one translates to “Meeting Hall”. This is where the conference was happening when we arrived.
We arrived a little late, but the place was packed already. We tried to get whichever seats are available, so I ended up being separated from my mates. But it’s okay. The place where I sat was a bit close to the front, so I was able to get at least one decent picture of one of the speakers.

It was so weird taking just one snapshot during that event. I’m surrounded by professionals and I could just imagine what’s going on in their minds or if they even mind me. XD I don’t know if it’s normal taking pictures during that kind of event, so it was pretty nerve wracking – especially when I know no one from where I sit. But whatever thoughts got in my mind, I still continue clicking away. I have a blog, and I need to share this event so taking picture is a must.

I never got a chance to grab hold of the program, and as I said, we arrived late, so I have no idea regarding the name of the speaker *coughs the shame*. But I was just so glad to have made it at least before he finished his talk. Judging from what I’ve read in the tarp and from what I’ve heard, it was about Ethics. He said a very nice thing about INTEGRITY: “it is doing the right thing when no one else is looking”. Though I’ve already heard that statement before, hearing it in this seminar and somewhat understanding it on a deeper level is different. One thing that got me is when he said that when a person have the same appearance/character (for lack of a better word) towards people and just when he is by himself alone, that is when he can say that he has total integrity – because you don’t do or react to things for how, because that just exactly who you are. I don’t know if I grabbed that concept clearly, but it left a mark on me.

Based from that criteria alone, I think I don’t have that solid, impeccable integrity that he is talking about yet. Hehe. I am a very introvert person, I prefer solitude most of the time. But sometimes when the situation demands it or when I’m with many people, I tend to be very outspoken and things like that. It’s sometimes hard, it’s almost like I’m two totally different people. Sometimes, I want it to stop. Integrity is a very important trait in our profession, so I really hope I could develop it into something that I would be really proud of. :)

After that inspiring talk, the CPAs proceeded to discuss the amendments to the Code of Ethics by conducting a public forum. Code of Ethics is pretty dull especially when in class but I can’t deny its importance. The speaker reads the provision, and then they proceed to commenting in words or statement that might prove inconvenient or was a little unclear and they note the comments. It was pretty interesting, what they did there. I just watch in awe at the awesomeness of what they’re doing. A rather new experience added to my list of unforgettable things.

Then another speaker discussed the amendments to IFRS specifically 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 19. That was a very nerve-wracking seminar because it was so interactive, and the topics were included in Advance Accounting mostly and, honestly speaking, that is one of my weakest spots. The speaker kept asking questions in the audience, and I was like a stone sitting in my place, looking at my feet, and fearing for my life. LOL. But it was rather fun, I just had to thank him because he didn’t ask me a question which I figured will just be answered by a stare if that ever happen. XD

Then with that, the seminar ended. One of the best things about this is [though very trivial], there is UNLIMITED BREWED COFFEE. Just how I like it, strong and black (well, not that black). It was so fun. And I’m so thrilled, it’s almost criminal. XD

Right after the seminar ended, what remains is *drumroll* (you guessed it right!): PICTURE TIME! :)

[WARNING: Photo spam incoming]

Lovelies! Edlene and Lilet.

Edlene and me at the front. :)
Abby, Edz, and Me. :)
Beloved classmates (L to R): Roann, Lilet, Aubrey, Abby, Carmie, Hannah, and Ate Mila. :)
With our beloved Department Head, Ma’am V! :)
too many to mention but I’ll mention them anyways) L to R: Ma’am V, Edlene, Me, Jean, Roann, Arra, Bianca, Aubrey, Abby, Carmie, Ate Mila, Boss, and KC.
Our professors striking a pose (L to R): Ma’am Aguilar, Ma’am Pascual, Ma’am Bigalbal, and of course, Ma’am Victorino. :)

Beautiful right? That’s inside Hotel Dominique! :)

CSU Delegation pic. :)

Speaking of wacky. XD

Me, with Jean-chan.
Me with Edlene, again. :)

And alas! A solo picture of me. :)

Overall, it has been a great day – the last part, mostly! XD It’s nice to have these additional memories especially now that I’m almost graduating from college. Wee! Can you believe that. I hope there’s still more to come. :)

Ciao! xoxo Riza

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