Sunday, September 2, 2012

Recent Haul: A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin

Finally! After months of mentioning it in this blog, and fantasizing in the book shelf at the local bookstore, I finally got what I wanted. :)) Thanks to National Bookstore (@nbsalert) for extending their super sale, and to my parents! XD I just love them to the core for buying this for me. I really have the best parents in the world.

My mom got me this A Song of Ice and Fire series (5-volume boxed set) by George R.R. Martin yesterday. And I was so glad, I am literally caressing this boxed set for months now whenever I visit the book store, but starting today, it's mine now. I'm just too happy. Add the fact that this is discounted by 20%! Originally 1,495 Php, we got it for only 1,196! Five books for the price of FOUR! :) It's quite a deal, eh?

The boxed set contains the first 5 books of the ASOIAF series, which I've loved so much, ever since I've watched the TV series and read the first three books. Includes (:: click the link for the reviews ::)
I just finished "A Storm of Swords" last Friday, and it was freakin' long. But nonetheless, all the effort and time I put into it were never wasted. Each book never disappoints. I still haven't written a review of the third book, because I still need to go over (fast-tracked) the whole book because I've read it for quite a long time. Just need to refresh my brain on the plots and turns. XD

I tried flicking through the pages of A Storm of Swords, marveling at  its whole printed glory when I saw a preview of  "A Feast for Crows" at the end of the book. Then I saw this:

I swear -- I literally shrieked my heart out when I saw Cersei's name printed in that. Cersei's POV! Finally! I've been waiting, three books, just for this moment. No matter how people criticize and bash her, she is one of my favorite characters in the series so far. Maybe even placing second to Tyrion (he IS my favorite character). She has her flaws, yes, but I love women who fights, who don't want to be chained by standards and traditions, and who wants to rule. She might have taken it a bit overboard, but i don't care, I loved her for that.

Honestly, I'm pretty much excited to finish these five books and I hope GRRM publish the 6th book sooner. I've seen previews, but I guess I can't really understand them unless I've read through A Dance with Dragons. So I just have to wait...:)) The thing is I really need to finish them this year because I've entered The LitBitch's A Song of Ice and Fire Reading Challenge. Two (2) more books to go before I complete it! :)

Well, happy reading to me, and to everyone else! I'll update you in the coming days. :) xoxo


  1. hi followed your blog, hope u too.

    1. hi elle! thanks for following. sure, i'll definitely check it out. :))

  2. ahahaha!
    LOL at cersei's part!

    i was vexed when i saw her chapter though
    & it vexed me all the more as i go deeper into feast for crows
    but SOS is awesome!

    1. haha. ikr. :)

      ASOS is pretty awesome, and i hate to admit it, but, AFFC pales in comparison. but its still a good book though, so far. :) thanks for commenting. xoxo


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