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Bonggahan 2012

October is one eventful month for me – and one of its highlights (one which I’ve been looking forward yearly since 2 years ago) is the annual BONGGAHAN [2012] event.

I’ve been an officer for our local student org (JPIA *Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants*) for about 3 years. And I can clearly say that almost all of my most significant college memories were gained because of being one. I am now in my last year in college, and I finally decided to leave the org because when I evaluated my priorities, I decided that I need to focus more on my academics instead of enjoying the perks of being a full time officer. :P Despite all of these, I am not ashamed to say that JPIA has done so much in my growth as a student, as well as a person.

This event started almost 3 years ago in honor of the newly passed CPAs that our school has produced. Testimonies were given, and hearing first hand stories and experiences, this event became sort of a happening where I always pull inspiration and motivation from. Apparently, I am not the only one who felt that way... this event continued on yearly, and has become some sort of a tradition.

I was still a second year accounting student back then, an officer. And it seems pretty weird, when I think about it, that I’ve helped organize the very first Bonggahan event we’ve had, and now, I’m in my last year in college, and also, this is my last Bonggahan as a student. I don’t know, it just puts things into perspective --- how fast time flies, and how much we’ve grown ever since I can remember.

This is such a fun and inspirational event. And this year, it was no exception:

21 October 2012, Sunday – After several mishaps with the scheduling of the vent, it still pushed through. And this time, it was held at the Amore Recreation and Leisure Park at Trece Martirez City, Cavite.

I came late so I have to find the place myself which was pretty hard because it was pretty hidden in the heart of Trece. As I tend to be so paranoid when travelling alone to a place that I barely knew how to go, I had to talk to every person that sat beside me in the public transpo I rode into. Luckily, the local folks there were really nice, comely, and helpful, I managed to find the way. XD

Fast forward to arriving at the place -- I must say, the weather was pretty nice that day, and very good for taking pictures. I am not really an outdoor-type of person, but I’ve done my best to roam around the venue since it was a pretty enormous place and the cottages, function halls, and whatnots were all so far from each other.

A shot I took from the dais. It was a pretty big maze that I haven’t had the chance to try out. XD A pretty nice place. Too bad, I think only a few people knew this place exists.

Hunger Games inspired trophy for the game that took place right when I arrived. It was placed in our cottage so I decided to take a shot.

The cottage walls were painted with unique nature-inspired designa. This happened to be ours. Isn’t it just beautiful? Loved it!

A quick picture with my friends. L to R: Lilet, Abby, Bianca, Edlene, and ME.

Up on the dais, with my classmates. :))

I have a mild fear of heights so I really had a hard time climbing those freakin’ daises, believe me. XD

With the occasional swimming...because it was just so hot that day. But it was nice.

Then came lunch. My classmates prepared a whole lot of rice, good thing our ulam is enough. :)

I brought my mom’s signature adobong Bicol (which is honestly my favorite) to add to our ulam.

And they bought some chicken inasal (grilled chicken) to go with it. It was such a lovely lunch.

Since we forgot to buy paper plates that time, Edlene and I decided to gather some wide banana leaves to serve as plates. We grilled it a little to remove the germs, wiped it with the tissues, and voila! Lunch, probinsya-style.

And they’re right, it was such nice fulfilling feeling to eat with just our hands along with everybody! Especially after swimming. :)))

The last ones eating. LOL

Though I am not really experienced in not using utensils when eating rice, I pretty much enjoyed the experience. I was a little (ahem) messy, but whatever, we were hungry and there’s food – so we just dug in. XD

Another quick shot after soaking ourselves in the pool. L to R: ME, Judith, Lilet, Roann, and Cynthia.

Proceeded to Videoke! I’m a sucker to videoke, so me and Bianca just sung our heart out. XD My voice failed me that time though, I think I was pretty flat for the most part so I always stop midways.

I just love this shot. :) I don’t own a DSLR camera, so shots like these tend to always make me happy. Besides, I am more comfortable taking pictures of things other than people, so it’s a plus.

Oops, before I forget, other than the maze and the pool these are some of the amenities of the resort/park:

That’s our Dean right there.

That’s Aubrey I think.

And my classmate, Arra.

Well, being the risk-averse person that I am *evillaugh.jpg*, I haven’t tried any of them – mainly because of the height and all. XD

But this:

This is the giant seesaw which my classmates and I totally love. We even played on it even at 1 AM for more than an hour because it was just so fun. Sometimes, we really forget our age. One of our professors even tagged along. It was just pure laughing.

This is a sample of the excellent caricature one of my classmates did for the token to be given to one of the passers. I could’ve posted more, but I’m not really sure if she wants me to. The amazing thing here is that she’s not even a professional. She only does this for fun. Add the fact that she didn’t use those professional charcoal things. It’s just plain ol’ pencil – literally, a normal pencil: Monggol #2.

Hehe. Another random snapshot. :)

It was truly such a nice day.

But then again, all the important things truly happened during the night event, as always.

I had the honor of being one of the hosts during the night event. It was really fun.

Nope. Definitely not hosting. It’s singing in the videoke. XD

This is the part where testimonies were given – my favorite.

Even though some people in the area didn’t care about what’s happening in the stage, I was listening intently to what they all have to say. They’re the new passers. The new CPAs. And it feels pretty amazing because these are the same set of people that I was saying ‘hi’ to in the hallway just less than a year ago. The same people who I’ve been planning org events with. And now, they’ve reached their dream. And when I think about it like that, even MY dreams seem so much within my own grasp – and they are. I believe they are. That’s one thing I’ve learned during that night. ‘Claim it’.

Claiming your dream even if you haven’t achieved it yet. Because that would give you the drive to keep going. You keep going because you know you’ll eventually reach your destination.

And every single thing, you cannot achieve all through your own. You have to believe in an existence greater than yourself. You have to have FAITH in God. Because He’ll guide you through the way, be it thick or thin. He will – and will never abandon you.

What’s fascinating about this group of people is the strong faith that they exhibited for Him. And when they say it like that, they make me want to believe MORE.

It was such an amazing moment, realizing all of that. 

After that, the officers gave them a token as per tradition. Which was such an emotional time but I won’t go into the specifics. I just have to say that I love their friendship. :)

My classmates then cooked some midnight snacks for us to share. And it’s raining coffee! XD

The kitchen, monopolized by acc 5-1! XD

Fish balls and squid balls both. XD We haven’t really thought that through. But it was fun. And experimenting on the sauce with everybody was fun.

Lol at this shot. XD

Because the night sky was so beautiful that time, we decided to star gaze. We just lay there on the pavement and stare at the night sky. Freaking freezing night time. XD

I caught sight of a lot of falling stars. Of course, that means automatic wishing for each one. I think I saw more than 5? :D

Futile attempt to capture the night sky. //wrist XD

Beautiful dawn. :) I really love this time of the day. There’ just something pretty special and amazing about the sunrise.

One last picture of my stressed face after staying up the whole night at the event.

And just like that. We’re off with our backpacks. :))

It was such a rewarding experience. It is pretty hard to imagine that the same older sisters and brothers I’ve grown accustomed to working with when I first started the crazy ride of being a JPIA officer are all CPAs now. Just two years ago, I’ve worked with them to organize the event, and now, they are the one being honored to. And I’m just so happy. And so proud of them. They certainly deserve that three-letter title at the end of their names.

Next year, WE’RE UP. Let’s go for a hundred guys! I know we can. :)


  1. Ang ganda naman sa resort na napuntahan niyo. :) Alam ko madami talagang magagandang resort diyan sa Trece but sadly, hindi ko pa napupuntahan because of the lack of time. :D

    By the way, taga-Cavite 'din ako. :)


    1. hi Rhia! wow, you're in Cavite din. hehe. san banda? small world. marami ngang magagandang resorts. i've alaso found one in amadeo. you should try it once in a while. :))

  2. Good morning!

    I'm from Indang, ang ganda ng Amore Recreational & Leisure Park..
    Pero hindi ko pa napupuntahan. By the way were looking for the venue of our company outing, tingin ko magugustuhan nila to.. :)

    Kaso wala naman way para malaman kung pano magpabook.. May number po b kayo ng Amore na pwede namen tawagan..



    1. hi ms. elaine. i'm sorry but I don't have any contacts because i am not very much involved in booking with the park. pero i think you could research about "colegio de amore'. yung may-ari kasi nun is the same person din na may ari nung park, i guess.

      Address:Luciano-Indang Road, Trece Martires City, Cavite 4109
      Telephone:(046) 419-2023

      you could inquire there. :)

      thanks for commenting and visiting my blog.


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