Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stylish Accessories from Laces and Tiaras!

I’ve already gushed enough on my Twitter page, but  now, I’m gushing over it again in this post.

I recently joined Ate Eunice’s Stylish September giveaway at her blog, Laces and Tiaras. I am just so glad to say that I’ve somehow luckily won an online giveaway! I’ve been joining giveaways and promos for a while now, but sadly, my entries have been always in vain. So that makes this my first ever win. Yey for me!

Here are the things I’ve got:

A written note by Ate Ish. :) Nice handwriting, btw.

A blue leather bracelet which I’m not really sure how to put on, but we’ll find a way. :)

A gorgeous ivory cocktail ring. This is honestly my favorite among the bunch of accessories that I’ve got. It’s vintage, classic, and have a Victorian-feel to it if you know what I mean.

Black Butterfly Glitzy Earrings.

A lovely Victorian cuff which my mom is eyeing. Hehe.

A pair of black and gray tassel earrings. This is my 2nd favorite among the bunch of accessories, it doesn’t look as pretty in the picture because of the patterned background (sorry), but trust me, they really look good. Excited to wear them. :)

Eight-charm statement necklace. This is so gorgeous, especially each of the charms. I especially love the mirror charm.

And THIS. This is only a bonus but it's one which I appreciated the most. I luuuuurve books, and seeing this in the stash made me really happy.  This is classic chic lit, I guess. The last book I’ve read that is close to this genre is Confessions of a Shopaholic which is really a fun ride, I hope this would be too.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of these things, ATE ISH! :)


  1. Hi there Riza! :)

    Wow, you're so luuuuuucky! :D Love the accessories, especially the Victorian-inspired ring. I love anything vintage so... that explains why the ring is my fave! :D

    Anyway, all of the accessories are BEAUTIFUL! :) Swerte mo, girl! :D

    And oh, pinakabonus talaga dun is yung books, di'ba?



    1. ikr. :) you should follow ate ish's blog to satisfy your inner girly whims and fancies. :) thanks for commenting. I'm sure you could win something too. and yeah, pinakabonus yung books. :))

      xoxo, Riza :*

  2. Lucky you ! I've never win anything online, lol :p
    I think the ring is the best one. So pretty!

    1. yeah..that was my favorite too. thanks for commenting. :)


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