Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 2012 BDJ Fair: Limitless!

It’s been almost a year since I decided to buy the Belle De Jour Power Planner. I stumbled upon it in the internet and instantly fell in love with it...and somehow, I find myself attending my FIRST Belle De Jour Fair.

I’ve cleared up my schedule and has been looking forward to this event for a month, that even if the odds have gone against me, I still pushed through. I originally thought that all my other academic stuffs would all be settled when Saturday strikes, so that when I attend the fair, I would be worry-free and just enjoy the hell out of the event. But as it turns out, my Audit exam was cancelled so my schedule kinda conflicted with it because I HAVE to do an intensive review for that. It’s my most MAJOR subject this sem (imagine 6 units summarizing 9 units worth of past subjects) and I can’t afford to fail this one. So I just prayed, made my routine daily devotion and trust everything to the Lord that somehow, everything would work out – and it did, because the exam which was originally scheduled Tuesday was rescheduled until a whopping 8 days after, October 24th! Am I just lucky or what? Haha. Nonetheless, I was so happy I just have to thank the Heavens that I still decided to attend it.

And  here I am talking way out of topic again. Sorry. >.<

So, back to the topic.

My printed confirmation e-mail. All set for the day. :3

I originally planned to go with my two classmates whom I encouraged to pre-register even though they don’t have any idea what we’ll be attending. But since our exam was postponed, they said they needed to review, so they passed up. I wanted to attend the event so badly, so I decided to go alone. It was so nerve-wracking because I don’t usually do that. It’s like trying out something for the first time. XD I know it’s quite silly for me to feel that way at my age, but I don’t know – that just made it pretty exciting at the same time.

Commuting SOLO. :3 T’was pretty shameless of me camwhoring at the bus alone, but whatever. XD

I am not really that familiar with the ins and out of the Mall of Asia since I seldom go there because of the distance so I kinda got lost (?) and stumbled in the edges trying to find the Music Hall.  Haha, good thing I came early and the guards are so accommodating (so Thanks! :3)

I arrived at the venue at around 11:30am. One thing about me is that I tend to panic when I’m sorrounded by so many people, worse when I don’t know any of them. But I got by it nice and whole. I bought my VIP Charity Pass, and then proceeded to confirm my attendance for the talk in the Activity Booth.

The stage setup for the talks. :)

I pre-registered online for the Bloggers Extraodinaire talk for the 1pm-3pm sched,  so at 12:45pm, I was already in line together with the other attendees. I felt a little out of place, honestly, because all of them seem to know at least someone, and there I am standing like a stone with no one to talk to. Add the fact that almost all of them have their cameras with them (what would you expect from bloggers), while I only had my phone camera because I forgot to charge my digicam the night before. (Foolish of me, I know XD). But seeing the clarity of the pictures I’ve taken, I say ‘not bad’. XD

The thing about me is that when I am alone somewhere I’m not familiar at, I tend to talk to random people because I got too paranoid. LOL, weird I know. And I met this girl. Since she’s sitting beside me, I tried to talk to her. She is also a blogger, and her name was Harmony (which I find cute). You can check here out at Harmony's Guide to Life :).

Yey! I won! :3

Before the talk started, I received a text from Motagne Jeunesse saying I won their raffle. Hehe. They have this booth where you would just like their Facebook page, fill up a piece of paper with details, and that would automatically qualify you for their raffle. They pick a winner once every hour, so it's quite the deal. And luckily enough – I got picked!

Cute packaging that I found myself hard to let go if not for the bulkiness of it. Imagine carrying it around with that many people.

I received several of their facial masks. Haha. I’ve been eyeing their chocolate mask at Watsons for a while now, but for some reason, I haven’t bought a single one of it. Glad I got them, this is a perfect opportunity to try their products without thinking about the price. My love goes to Montagne Jeunesse for giving these out. Mwaah! :*

Miss Patty Laurel, the Travel Guru. :3

So there goes the talks. First up is Miss Patty Laurel (@pattylaurel) for the “Limitless Travel” segment. I was so glad to finally see her in person. Honestly speaking, it’s weird because it feels like seeing a person you’ve been stalking from afar in a while for the first time. Haha, creepy me. It’s just that I love her blog so much. It’s spontaneous, positive, and always makes me smile. And when I saw his fiancé, Patrick, I can’t help but feel *kilig* because I remembered the several pre-wedding pictures and the video she shared at her site. :)) She shared the reasons why she travels and how it helped her. And I was quite surprised to know that travelling has not always been easy for her. I always imagined her doing that out of luxury. But I guess I was wrong.

So here are some of her travel tips, according to my notes:
  1. Be kuripot. Make being thrifty a trend. :)
  2. Always compute in terms of travel. Have small scrimping strategies. Example, a brand new phone could already be equivalent to airfare.
  3. Plan ahead. It is not easy, because planning takes time. Research preferably takes 3-6 months.
  4. Invest in experiences. “There are things you can’t live without, but experiences you can’t give up.”
  5. Do your research. Plot out your itinerary. Visit travel forums for honest reviews.
  6. Be a respectful traveler. The whole point of travelling is being in a completely different environment, and being in one demands respect for other culture and traditions.
  7. Find a good travel buddy. Just because you enjoy the daily company of someone doesn’t mean you would enjoy his/her company during travels. Traveling is a different thing. You must consider things such as the budget, hygiene, the snoring, the sleep talking, etc.
  8. Treat traveling as a blessing. Travelling is an investment but it is also a blessing, so cherish every minute of it.
  9. Drop your camera. This is especially directed towards bloggers because they tend to take pictures of the simplest things. (LOL at that XD) “Drop your camera for moments that require experience.”
  10. Appreciate God’s creation and purpose. Traveling can make you feel so small and that you're part of something bigger, so it kinda put things into perspective, according to Miss Patty. :)

One thing that struck me most is when she said that her favorite part in travelling is coming home. Traveling, especially in foreign countries, gives us the chance to be more Filipino. You should appreciate everything that you enjoy here in the Philippines in relation to the things you experienced during your travels. When travelling becomes just for bragging purposes, it loses its beauty.

Gosh, how I really enjoyed her talk. Just hearing her talk like that makes me feels like she’s a very inspirational person, and SHE IS! :) Kinda make me want to travel and explore the world more. Someday. :)

Tricia Gosingtian! Goodness gracious, I love her hair. :3

Next up is THE Tricia Gosingtian (@tgosingtian)  for the segment “One Haute Blog”. She talked about the basics of blogging, and how to market your blog, primarily as a fashion blogger. Well, I am not a fashion blogger so I guess I was kinda alienated, but whatever, I still enjoyed it. :)

I didn’t get to to write many notes during her talk because I was busy staring at her. LOL. XD But still, the basics of marketing your blog are as follows:
  • A good name;
  • A blogging/web platform;
  • A Twitter account;
  • A Facebook page;
  • A web analytics software;
  • A commenting widget;
  • Creative skills;
  • Passion; and, of course

I’m not really sure if I have the last one, haha, but I just know that what is here in this blog is ME – it’s just kinda mixed up, but it is still me. :)

I didn’t elaborate each of them because if you’re reading this post, you are most probably familiar with all of it. But what caught me the most is when she said “Don’t do it to become popular. Don’t do it to have free stuff. Do it primarily for the love of it. Because at the end of the day,  it’s all about loving what you do and feeling happy about it. The free stuffs, the money that comes in, etc. are just consolations. :))

The gorgeous Tricia and a haggard picture of me. Taken by Harmony (@hahaharmony_). Lol. There was no take two, so this will do. I just NEED to have a picture with her. XD

And then, the rest has been just a series of picture taking. XD

The BDJ Commitment Wall, in which I wrote:

This year, I will be a power bella by forgetting past mistakes.
Unveiling the BDJ 2013 Planner cover. :)

The Tarot Reading Booth. This is one of the exclusive booths for VIP Charity Pass holders, sadly, wasn’t able to go here. The line was too long! :/

Unveiling the BDJ 2013 Planner cover. :)
Ate Ish (@gracekellyish) of Laces and Tiaras!Finally got the chance to meet her. :D

Trinkets at the iFlick Photobooth Sign-up desk. Chopper! :3

Photo souvenir! :) That was my cousin with me, good thing she came in (though late) ... I would have to suffer posing there alone if not. XD

At the Roxy booth! Enjoyed doing the free DIY bracelets. 

Yeah. I suck at designing one. XD

Managed to snap a photo with Ms. Kat Dy (@katdyfinds) of KatDy Finds! I also just found out that she’s the managing editor of BDJ Box, which was also released during the event. The lovely host of the first part of the fair. :)


Another photo on that gigantic cover! XD

A blurry picture of the map of the whole fair. 

Night time. There are still a lot of people.

Of course, this post won’t be complete without another picture of my face. Post-event. :)

And who can forget the loot bag?! It was brimming with freebies and goodies. <3

Unboxing the loot bag:

Garnier Facial Scrub Bargain! LOL. The ladies kept giving them, so I kept on accepting.

The Motagne Jeunesse masks I received from winning the raffle.

Some of the discount coupons / cash vouchers included in the bag. There are many more! :)

The FMN Idea Pads I claimed at the fair for joining their Blog, Twitter, and Facebook Promo. LOL. I know, I’m a sucker for promos. XD

Those and many more! It also included a copy of both Cosmopolitan and Metro Magazine, but I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. They’re past issues though. It also has snacks such as the newest C2 milk tea, Chippy, and of course, KitKat! :3 Plus a style catalogue and several discount coupons from SM Department Store. It also includes a hilarious comic strip from Strip.

And most importantly, this fair won’t ever be complete without the:

Belle De Jour 2013 Power Planner! Yey. And it already has a membership card inside. :3

Bought this 20% off, so instead of the usual price of PHP 598 – I got it at only PHP 480! *all smiles*

Overall, it was such an enjoyable event even if I’m alone in the most part. I also got to meet several people. Plus, the fun and the freebies are Limitless! Haha. I would definitely attend again next year, I just hope it won’t coincide with the CPA Board Exam date (just realized it and I’m freaking out.>.<). Props to the whole BDJ team. My first fair sure is worthwhile. Again, being a Bella rocks! \m/


  1. awwww wish I was able to join the fun...my location kept me from joining significant events =)

    nice blog girl...followed you. i hope I get a follow back.

    more power =)

    1. waaah, can't believe you followed me ate. :0 so glad. i've been following you for a while na ate, so don't worry. :)) thanks for following! :)


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