Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Booktastic Christmas Wishlist!

Upon looking at a certain book blog, I stumbled upon one interesting shop -- it is called BOOKTIQUE. If you're a book lover as much as I am, you'll definitely understand why I was so giddy when I saw this.

 Booktique is an online store hosted on Facebook that offers merchandise and whatnots that a book lover won't resist having their hands on. Basically a boutique for book lovers, they sell several book-themed items and what's pretty amazing is that they offer customized items, too. :)

Some of their products
They offer a wide range of products: from mugs to necklaces and book lockets, bags, and even book-themed shirts! I was really really glad about all of it. And it is very timely because I am meaning to get myself some awesome Christmas/birthday gifts. XD

The lineup of their products is pretty interesting. So, I decided to make a Christmas wishlist (all from BOOKTIQUE!) :

#1. ASOIAF Book Lockets

If you're closely following my blog, you can probably see that I am a huge A Song of Ice and Fire fan girl -- so much, it's bordering on addiction. LOL. That's why I am pretty thrilled when I saw these in their shop. I wasn't able to see it at first, good thing they are very accommodating and they answered my queries immediately. Thank you, guys!

#2. 'Read' Necklace

They offer unique designs, but I prefer this one. Simple, straightforward -- the word 'read' front and center. It just gives off importance and emphasis to the word for me.  =)

#3 Book tote

My sentiments exactly. XD And yep, they do have these! I've been meaning to find another because my old one ( it says "are you still using plastic?") was quite worn out now since I had it way back in first year college. And this is a perfect addition to my closet. The design was chic, too. And have I mentioned already, they also do customized designs for bags, too!

#4 Catcher in the Rye Tee

Can't get over the fact that I could actually wear that quirky, eye-catching (yet absolutely beautiful in my eyes) design of its book cover. Wee, isn't it cute? I love this shirt ever since I saw one of my favorite book bloggers wearing it in one of his posts. I was so glad to discover that Booktique is selling one. I might want a customized ASOIAF T-shirt in the future. Again, they DO CUSTOMIZED DESIGNS.

#5. Book Lover Series Mug

The design of this cup is really pretty. Too bad I don't have someone to share it with. XD But I'm still planning to get one of these mugs. =) I can almost imagine myself drinking coffee in this mug while reading my favorite book  beside a window. Quite cozy, and special. :)

Well, that's that! I'm gonna have to cut back on my spending in the coming days to buy at least 2 of these. Plus, there are still those loads of book titles that I've been meaning to buy this Christmas holiday. Oh, golly wow. Where's money when I really need it? Hehe. I hope there's somebody who reads this now who (for some reason) might want to give one of those to me for Christmas, or perhaps, my birthday. Haha. Just joking. But it's not really that bad to hope, right? :P

Anyways, please visit their Facebook page by clicking HERE for more details or if you want to purchase one of those items for yourself or for a loved one.

Yuletide is coming, why not also spread your love for books? This will definitely bring smiles on your book worm friends' faces (ahem!). And it is quite timely now because in the spirit of Christmas, BOOKTIQUE IS OFFERING A HARD-TO-MISS PROMO!

Definitely a steal, eh? So what are you waiting for? Celebrate a booktastic Christmas -- with Booktique. :)
Images posted in this blog post belongs to Booktique.


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    1. yep, everything is LOVE, right? :) visit their site for more goodies. thanks for commenting, kit! :)

  2. Thanks again.^^
    Sure,follow you back on bloglovin #2.

  3. wow!! Booktique, I had to read it again because I thought it said Boutique . The name is really nice. and oh thoes ASoIaF lockets and the "read" necklace. definitely on my whist-list.
    awesome post!!

    1. that was my initial thought too. XD anyways,thanks for commenting! please do visit their site for more goodies! :)

  4. Nice ideas!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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