Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye, old friend.

I'm sure it's no news by now that Multiply is finally abandoning it's social network features (blog, video, photos, etc.) and is now going to shift their focus in maximizing their e-commerce potential. Well, it's no secret that most local online shops are hosting their websites at Multiply even before Facebook came into popularity. This is really a good strategic move for the company, but that would mean sad news for those who have enjoyed the site as their own personal space through the years -- me included. :(

I've had my account in Multiply way back high school, and is my oldest existing blog to date since Friendster's site relaunch. Maybe the blog posts I've made in the earlier years of my blog their somehow give me the creeps (LOL), but I cannot deny that I saw how I've grown during that span of time till now.

Haha! The whole theme screams 'emo'! LOL.
That was my site theme all those years. The emo madness is at its peak during those times that I made my account and I happily hopped on the bandwagon. Haha, each person can be a little silly one time in their lives (I'm still silly now). Hot pink, and Black. Plus skulls as wallpaper. Definitely not girly at all. >.<

Through those years, I've made quite a handful of posts. Some in english, some in tagalog. And some, both. Though when I read them now, it amazes me how long I've held on to something that I already lost for a long time. Like my former Friendster blog, which I often call my hate blog, there's just so much negative energy (stress, pain, loneliness, and the likes) embedded in their. 

Here's one example: 

Just click the image to zoom if you want to read. Excuse some of the grammatical errors. :)
See what I mean? I wanted to delete the posts, but I can't bring myself to do it. Well, maybe it's for the best that the site is deleting these old files. XD It pains me to think of how I lived my life before. It really sucks, but at least it helped to be stronger and livelier than I was before.

One thing I learned is that brooding over the past and things that are way out of reach is a really tiring way to live. From now on, I vow to make this blog a more cheerful one. :)) With that said, I need to fill this with things that makes me happy.

Btw, this is the last day that you can back up all the files you have on the site. I'm currently downloading them whilst I write this. Here's to a more cheerful and positive view of life.

But nevertheless, goodbye old friend! :)


  1. aww. i also used to have a multiply blog.
    and I can totally relate to the horror when you read your old blog posts. haha.
    oh the rant-y emo years :))

    1. ikr. XD that creepy moment of reading your old blog posts. ><


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