Sunday, December 30, 2012

2-ne-1! A happy 21st birthday to me! :)

I can't believe I just turned 21!

Yesterday, a humble but pretty special party was prepared for me and I am really, really grateful! More than the food, the greetings, the people in my life especially my family and friends, more than the gifts -- I'm just thankful for my life and everything in it now. Thank You Lord for giving me such a wonderful one -- it may not be perfect as as others may have, but it is enough. #gratefulbeyondwords

My birthday cake. :)
This is a picture-heavy post. Consider yourself warned. More photos after the jump. :) 

Some of my closest friends in college. I'm so glad they took the time to come on such short notice considering  how far my place is from their. Love you guys! :)
Aubrey + Cynthia + ME + Mila + Edlene. :)
Two of youngest siblings enjoying the punch! Rachelle + Joshua.
Me + Joshua.
Me + Mama + Rachelle. :)
With Vianney this time. A special shout out to her for helping out even before the party kicked off. Thank you so much, my friend! Here's to more years of being together! (FYI, we've been classmates ever since 1st year high school and she has been my dorm mate for almost 4 years now. It's funny how time flies so fast.)
Me + Jaypee + Mama. :)
Wee. With my birthday cake. Love the Cherry Chocolate Torte from Goldilocks.
My humble yet special preparation by Mama. :)
My former high school clique, minus two. Vianney + Me + Willie.
Special thanks to Joven for dropping by!
Another shot with my high school girl friends.
My brother and his friends. :)
Love my high school classmates so much! Thanks for coming despite really short notice. I texted them at 12 in the midnight prior and I'm really glad that some of them made it. That's Lesley + Willie + Vianney + Me +Reymon (Tugats!)
Another one. :D
Vianney strutting it off for another song. Lesley + Willie + Vianney + Reymon.  Haha, what's with the face tugats?!
Gwapo naman.... XD
With the addition of my two of my closest friends: Roshwill and Yas! Love this pic. :)
Birit lang Yas! Vianney + Rosh + Yas + Me.
Haha. Go Vianney, go! :)
My mother singing Close to You (favorite sa videoke!) with my sister, Rica.
Videoke love. I don't know why we rented a videoke machine, but it sure added fun! :)
Another one. Oh Gosh, I love my red shirt -- it really stood out in the pictures. XD
Haha. They've been making fun of my shirt all evening teasing me about wearing a cape. Whatever. Haha. Ganda ni bhest sa stolen, oh!
Me +Bhest! Bhest, thank you for taking the time to come. I really missed you na. So glad to see your again after all these years!
Last girls in the house! Me + Vianney + Rosh + Yas. Thanks for sticking with me!
After party. One with Mama. :)
Another one. Don't mind our feet. XD
I bought a bottle of Nutella as a birthday gift to myself, but then, all the contents were gone after the party ended. Haha. So much for birthday gifts. XD
And speaking of birthday gifts -- thanks to everyone who did extra efforts and gave me a gift! I really love all of them, you really know me well. I especially love the Grace for the Moment book that my college classmates gave me. :) I've been meaning to buy one, I'll be sure to read it everyday. Thanks guys! :D
This has been such a wonderful year! All I can say is THANKS! Thanks for everything. Thanks for everyone who took their time to come to our house. Thanks for all the greetings. Thanks to my mother for supervising the entire party. Thanks to my family, especially to my Father. And thanks to Papa God for all the blessing (even the obstacles) that He has given me this year. This year sure is a challenge, but I'm glad that I overcame it (with grace). Here's to another year of laughter, tears, experiences, and new memories. Another year was added, and I hope having this birthday is more than just the number. :)

Thanks to this blog, for giving me a chance to have that outlet that I sorely need. To my followers who have been sticking with me despite my random blabberings about life and everything. I may fangirl shamelessly, but you're still there with me.

Thanks to everyone I've met this year, you've all been wonderful. To new experiences, I'm thankful for them, and I hope that I would continue to have many more than I could handle next year.

I'm really lucky because my birthday almost coincides with the celebration of a New Year, so no need to bother making multiple resolutions. lol. I can ow say that I'm officially 21, maturity doesn't come with age, but I hope I can achieve it even just bit by bit.

 I'm looking forward for 2013, and I hope that it will be everything that I hoped for and more! Thanks to everyone who have been part of my year! HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3

Rzzzp's 1st Ever Giveaway Winner! :)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to join my first ever giveaway! I appreciate all the answers, especially the long ones. The whole thing is pretty exciting, especially picking the winner -- which is what I just did. So without further ado...

Congratulations to
Saldefina Krystel Fauni (@creamhearts)

Yey! :) Here are the things that you won:

A Hardbound copy of Danielle Steel's the Gift
5 pcs. of Booktique Paris and London Bookmarks
A Belle de Jour Idea Pad

I hope you appreciate these, dear -- especially the book! :) And I do hope I inspire someone to be a reader because of this giveaway. I love the fact that I am announcing the winner at the end of the year, that gives me the chance to spend my few remaining 2012 moments by giving something to someone.

To those who didn't make it, there is always a next time -- I still have two ongoing giveaways (Booktique giveaway + Shop o' Jewels Giveaway).


Friday, December 28, 2012

NBS is giving away a SIGNED copy of A Dance with Dragons!

No big deal. Just some book store giving out a SIGNED copy of George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons for New Year.

Haha. I'm actually freaking out because of the news. :D


Dear ADWD, I know I just finished you and I already have a copy of YOU but it's not signed! Please be mine this New year. :/ Tomorrow's my birthday, and come March, I'm finally graduating..... Gosh, pretty please?

I could just send my copies to GRRM, and I know he'll sign it (yeah, he's kind like that) but the shipping fee is far too costly I can't afford it.

LOL. I don't know if tweeting so much could increase the chances of winning but what the hell, I ended up flooding my time line. I really want this for myself. >.<

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

A few hours to go before the clock strikes 12 mn and the calendar turns to the 25th -- so I'm greeting all of you now a.... 
In the meantime, here's a mix of Christmas songs that a friend shared to me. Let this lovely playlist echo through your house in this joyful day. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

And I'm finally back to my dorky self again. :)

I just can't help but sigh with relief.

These past few days have been a blur, and I kinda filled this blog with giveaway-related posts -- though it was always a dream to host a giveaway (and thank God, it came true), it juts felt all too suffocating at one point. Maybe 3 was too much, or I should've just stick with my one-giveaway plan, but I'm still glad that you guys took the time to participate (and continue to! those giveaways //1//2//3// are still open).

The thing with giveaways is that some people go to your blog just because you're giving away items for free. I won't deny that I am somehow one of those people (sometimes!), but noticing how my followers had gone from 40+ to 80+ just because of the giveaways kinda make me feel weird for some reason. I created this blog to share my thoughts -- and that alone gives me a very heartwarming feeling. Though I started these giveaways to somehow give back to my readers this season, I must admit that I also did it to increase my traffic, especially the # of my followers. It's meager compared to others, but it increased significantly. I though that having many followers would make me happy -- but I was wrong. That's not to say that I'm not grateful for the support -- OF COURSE I AM! Who wouldn't? But I guess I just want to feel that people followed my blog because they appreciate what I'm sharing not just because I'm giving away things. A humble blogger can only hope so much, and to know that somewhere some people appreciate my thoughts is the greatest thing that I can get from devoting my time in this blog. <3

The giveaways are still running, btw! And when they end, I hope there are still those who would stick to this blog even after they're gone. I think it will be some time before I host another giveaway again, as I want my blog to get back to the way it's supposed to me and back to how it made me feel. :)

And to start off my nerdiness again, a "haul post" is coming up!


I usually check the blogs of my new followers but I've been very busy with things so I wasn't able to do that these past few weeks. I want to know you guys!, so feel free to link up at the comment box below. :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Giveaway: Shop o’ Jewels x Rzzzp (Closed)

Another giveaway guys! And they’re pretty, too. J As I’ve mentioned in my previous feature post about Shop o’ Jewels, they’ll be giving away some lovely items to ONE lucky reader of mine. J Yey!

Here are the things that you can win:

Vintage Butterfly Necklace
Vintage + Red. Two things that I definitely love. J
Silver Spike Ring

Silver Open Spikes Ring
Add a little edge to your outfit with these one-of-a-kind items. J
Aren’t they lovely? It’s so easy to win! Just follow the following steps below:
1. Like Shop o’ Jewels Page. Click here.
2. Add Shop o' Jewels as a friend at Facebook. Click here.3. Like Rzzzp at Facebook. Click here.4. Follow me via GFC. You can do it by going to my sidebar, at the “Followers” box.
5. Share this photo on your wall and caption it with “Want to win lovely accessories? Checkout Shop o’ Jewels X Rzzzp ‘s giveaway at . @friend @friend” Make sure Shop o’ Jewels and Rzzzp are properly tagged in your status. Don’t forget to also change the “@friend” and appropriately tag two of yours. J. Make sure to comment your whole name, FB name, link on your FB status,  and e-mail add.

BONUS: This is optional, but you can also tweet about the giveaway to spread the word! J Just tweet “Want to win lovely accessories? Join #Shopojewels x @rzzzp’s giveaway at @friend” make sure to tag one of your twitter friends.

Such easy steps to join! J This giveaway will run until we reach 100 participants – that is to say, 100 comments because commenting is pretty mandatory. So make sure to spread the word for us to know the winners as soon as possible. One winner will be chosen via Random. Org, with the prizes to be shipped by me so no worries on picking it up. You can share the photo as much as you like, as long as you do it at least once. You could also tweet about the giveaway as much as you like. J Make sure to do every step above as I will carefully check it if your name will be chosen, failure to do at least one of the five will automatically mean that another name will be chosen -- so be careful. Please comment on this post only ONCE. J

So that’s that! Good luck to you, guys! J And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Join my other on-going giveaways!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shop Feature: Shop o' Jewels

I love accessories! It could definitely either make or break an outfit so it's really important to consider them carefully. :)

I've gotten myself caught up in the online shopping craze for accessories these past few weeks and I can say that many Facebook-based online shops are emerging one by one, stealing the scene. But in this world of fast-paced e-commerce transactions, one could only rely to customer satisfaction in order to survive.

In this post, I'll be talking about one particular shop: Shop o' Jewels. I bought some items from them and I can't help but notice how good they treat their customers -- from beginning to end. From sealing a transaction, up to the delivery, and even the package inside speaks volume for them.

I got to chat with Mary Chua, one of the co-owners of this lovely shop, and had the chance to ask her two questions about their shop. Consider this an interview of sorts. XP Check these out:

  • How did your online shop start?
"Last year, we were Facebook addicts already  we would stay up late just scanning news feeds in our Facebook. My partner was an online buyer too! She would buy clothes, bags, and most of all accessories! Though after sometime , she realized how expensive the stuffs she was buying online  And since we found our supplier who supplies accessories way cheaper than the ones selling online, we decided to give it a go in opening our business. We weren't rich nor were we poor. we were just in the middle yet from time to time we would spend little and save our money today, for our food tomorrow. So it was an additional point for us to continue with our idea of opening a shop. Mainly to help fund our financial needs.
So come November, we were finalizing our capital, our items, our modes of payment, basically everything an online shop needs to prepare! It took us a while and to tell the truth, we were a little bit pessimistic whether our products would sell or not. Come December, around second week, we decided to start na. Though we were actually shocked when we found out we haven't thought of a name yet ) Thinking of a name is HARD WORK! we have to catch people's attention and our name should be easy and unique to remember  Lo and behold, we finally decided with SHOP O' JEWELS  At first, it was very hard advertising. We didn't know where to start and who to target as our customers. Thankfully as months passed, our shop kind of became popular, though not so much. And with the plenty emerging online shops of accessories, sales became low too. Nonetheless our customers give us the determination to hang and still continue the fight!"

  • I've noticed that you're making customized dream catcher necklaces... tell me more about that project?
"Aaah, dream catcher necklaces  i actually don't know where to start with this topic ))) We mainly got this idea from our classmate who introduced us to the idea of a dream catcher. it was kind of embarrassing to my classmate when we still don't know what a dream catcher looks like and what is the purpose of it. lol  But when we found out that people use to hang it in their bedrooms to keep the bad dreams away (get stuck with the web of the dream catcher), we actually though it was cool! So we went to our thinking board and good thing I still have the crochet skills  We though "Why not make it as a necklace, so instead of just during sleeping, bad dreams or bad spirits will never be with that person?" My partner thought it was a good idea and pushed me to recall my crochet lessons. My first try was not bad considering it has been years since i last held a crochet hook =)) So i decided to make a few for our opening album and I was very shocked to see a lot of people liking our dream catcher necklaces. It came to a point where our customer asked if we could customize. And looking at my work table with all the colors of crochet threads, I accepted customized orders  A customer also requested for dream catcher earrings, so i ventured into making earrings too! We felt very blessed because of our unique dream catcher necklaces/earrings, because we are the only one who's offering dream catcher necklaces/earrings like these! We also accept bulk orders for a much lower price. Oh, and also resellers  So get your customized dream catcher necklaces/earrings now!"

I just love how eager Mary is in answering my questions. :) In addition to that (I figured I haven't given any background), they mainly offer rings, bangles, and necklaces -- as well as the recently mentioned customized dream catchers, which are lovely btw. :) They have an impressive collection of bangles that would surely grab attention. But I especially love their ring collections. They regularly update their catalogue, releasing new collections frequently. Some of which can be seen in this post.

You may be wondering what I got from their shop -- well here they are:

They even took the time to make a hand-written letter. :)

Visit their page to know more, and see for yourself. Click here.
And behold, a SoJ giveaway is coming up! Stay tuned. :)


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