Saturday, December 22, 2012

And I'm finally back to my dorky self again. :)

I just can't help but sigh with relief.

These past few days have been a blur, and I kinda filled this blog with giveaway-related posts -- though it was always a dream to host a giveaway (and thank God, it came true), it juts felt all too suffocating at one point. Maybe 3 was too much, or I should've just stick with my one-giveaway plan, but I'm still glad that you guys took the time to participate (and continue to! those giveaways //1//2//3// are still open).

The thing with giveaways is that some people go to your blog just because you're giving away items for free. I won't deny that I am somehow one of those people (sometimes!), but noticing how my followers had gone from 40+ to 80+ just because of the giveaways kinda make me feel weird for some reason. I created this blog to share my thoughts -- and that alone gives me a very heartwarming feeling. Though I started these giveaways to somehow give back to my readers this season, I must admit that I also did it to increase my traffic, especially the # of my followers. It's meager compared to others, but it increased significantly. I though that having many followers would make me happy -- but I was wrong. That's not to say that I'm not grateful for the support -- OF COURSE I AM! Who wouldn't? But I guess I just want to feel that people followed my blog because they appreciate what I'm sharing not just because I'm giving away things. A humble blogger can only hope so much, and to know that somewhere some people appreciate my thoughts is the greatest thing that I can get from devoting my time in this blog. <3

The giveaways are still running, btw! And when they end, I hope there are still those who would stick to this blog even after they're gone. I think it will be some time before I host another giveaway again, as I want my blog to get back to the way it's supposed to me and back to how it made me feel. :)

And to start off my nerdiness again, a "haul post" is coming up!


I usually check the blogs of my new followers but I've been very busy with things so I wasn't able to do that these past few weeks. I want to know you guys!, so feel free to link up at the comment box below. :)

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