Sunday, December 2, 2012

(Pretty Special) Recent Haul: Sabriel (Abhorsen, #1) by Garth Nix

I came to a point when rummaging through secondhand bookstores have lost its charm for me. The thrift book shop near my place took too long to restock and I am just left with books that doesn't even appeal to me. As you can see, I'm a very picky reader. Lol. That may seem ironic but there are just a number of books that appeal to me that's why I always declare my thoughts fangirling through my reviews because I only read books that I know would appeal to me. Some, I took too long to finish or even not finish them at all.

I've been hopping from one book blog to another for so long now that I somehow memorized the books that appealed to them or not. And when I saw this at Booksale a few days back, I was totally screaming like crazy -- in my mind only, of course. XD

Sabriel by Garth Nix. #1 in the Abhorsen trilogy. 
Can you guess for how much I bought it?
U jelly? XD
I bought it for freaking 25 PHP ONLY! (Almost 0.5 USD, if I'm not mistaken) It seems that they're on a holiday sale, thus the price cut. And I was pretty surprised to see that no one has taken notice of it.

Well, I can't blame them.
The cover was a little worn out, plus the no design at all. But one thing I love about it (which my camera wasn't able to capture decently) is the almost-pearly glow the cover has. It appears a bit yellow in the picture, but when in proper lighting, it has more of a violet/blue glow to it. :) I love it!

But most of the value of this copy is not on the price nor the lovely cover -- it's in the inside!

See it? See it?

And it's not even the most special attribute of this copy.

Did I mention that it was signed?!

Yes, it was signed.
By Garth Nix himself!


I don't even know what did I ever do to deserve such blessing! I'm still thanking God about this piece of treasure as I type this. Haha. Thank You so much! 

Now you see why I put that "Pretty Special" in my Haul post title. XD I was really lucky. By now, my faith in second hand bookstores has been restored to its full power. I am always visiting them whenever I'm in the area these past few days hoping to find another gem in there. My luck has been pushed to its limits these past few days. I even won this giveaway at From Paris to Pureza! I'm just so thankful.

Anyways, on the other hand, I've already figured out what items to include in my first giveaway. They're just little things, but I hope you appreciate them especially since I also loved them. Clue: it includes a pre-loved book! Who doesn't love pre-loved books? I don't know about some, but they really have their charm. :)

So, how do you like my recent purchase? Say that you're happy for me as I am happy for myself and I'll give each of you guys a virtual hug, or even virtual kisses! XD

What are your thoughts? Let's talk at the comment box below. 

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