Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shop Feature: Shop o' Jewels

I love accessories! It could definitely either make or break an outfit so it's really important to consider them carefully. :)

I've gotten myself caught up in the online shopping craze for accessories these past few weeks and I can say that many Facebook-based online shops are emerging one by one, stealing the scene. But in this world of fast-paced e-commerce transactions, one could only rely to customer satisfaction in order to survive.

In this post, I'll be talking about one particular shop: Shop o' Jewels. I bought some items from them and I can't help but notice how good they treat their customers -- from beginning to end. From sealing a transaction, up to the delivery, and even the package inside speaks volume for them.

I got to chat with Mary Chua, one of the co-owners of this lovely shop, and had the chance to ask her two questions about their shop. Consider this an interview of sorts. XP Check these out:

  • How did your online shop start?
"Last year, we were Facebook addicts already  we would stay up late just scanning news feeds in our Facebook. My partner was an online buyer too! She would buy clothes, bags, and most of all accessories! Though after sometime , she realized how expensive the stuffs she was buying online  And since we found our supplier who supplies accessories way cheaper than the ones selling online, we decided to give it a go in opening our business. We weren't rich nor were we poor. we were just in the middle yet from time to time we would spend little and save our money today, for our food tomorrow. So it was an additional point for us to continue with our idea of opening a shop. Mainly to help fund our financial needs.
So come November, we were finalizing our capital, our items, our modes of payment, basically everything an online shop needs to prepare! It took us a while and to tell the truth, we were a little bit pessimistic whether our products would sell or not. Come December, around second week, we decided to start na. Though we were actually shocked when we found out we haven't thought of a name yet ) Thinking of a name is HARD WORK! we have to catch people's attention and our name should be easy and unique to remember  Lo and behold, we finally decided with SHOP O' JEWELS  At first, it was very hard advertising. We didn't know where to start and who to target as our customers. Thankfully as months passed, our shop kind of became popular, though not so much. And with the plenty emerging online shops of accessories, sales became low too. Nonetheless our customers give us the determination to hang and still continue the fight!"

  • I've noticed that you're making customized dream catcher necklaces... tell me more about that project?
"Aaah, dream catcher necklaces  i actually don't know where to start with this topic ))) We mainly got this idea from our classmate who introduced us to the idea of a dream catcher. it was kind of embarrassing to my classmate when we still don't know what a dream catcher looks like and what is the purpose of it. lol  But when we found out that people use to hang it in their bedrooms to keep the bad dreams away (get stuck with the web of the dream catcher), we actually though it was cool! So we went to our thinking board and good thing I still have the crochet skills  We though "Why not make it as a necklace, so instead of just during sleeping, bad dreams or bad spirits will never be with that person?" My partner thought it was a good idea and pushed me to recall my crochet lessons. My first try was not bad considering it has been years since i last held a crochet hook =)) So i decided to make a few for our opening album and I was very shocked to see a lot of people liking our dream catcher necklaces. It came to a point where our customer asked if we could customize. And looking at my work table with all the colors of crochet threads, I accepted customized orders  A customer also requested for dream catcher earrings, so i ventured into making earrings too! We felt very blessed because of our unique dream catcher necklaces/earrings, because we are the only one who's offering dream catcher necklaces/earrings like these! We also accept bulk orders for a much lower price. Oh, and also resellers  So get your customized dream catcher necklaces/earrings now!"

I just love how eager Mary is in answering my questions. :) In addition to that (I figured I haven't given any background), they mainly offer rings, bangles, and necklaces -- as well as the recently mentioned customized dream catchers, which are lovely btw. :) They have an impressive collection of bangles that would surely grab attention. But I especially love their ring collections. They regularly update their catalogue, releasing new collections frequently. Some of which can be seen in this post.

You may be wondering what I got from their shop -- well here they are:

They even took the time to make a hand-written letter. :)

Visit their page to know more, and see for yourself. Click here.
And behold, a SoJ giveaway is coming up! Stay tuned. :)

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