Sunday, December 2, 2012

The History of the Wildlings

Just saw this vid at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist and I knew that I really had to post this.

This an exclusive first look at Game of Thrones Season 2 Blu-ray histories and with Rose Leslie (who plays Ygritte in the series) narrating the history of the Wildlings.

"If you've always knelt and don't know what freedom is and if you've not been beyond the wall... you don't know what fear is."
Rose Leslie's voice! Can I just say how perfect it is. Maybe she was too pretty to play Ygritte, but she definitely delivered. And hearing this narration sent shivers down my spine. The drawings were awesome! I'm really excited about the extras of the DVD. I know they won't even disappoint, because the GoT production never do anything half-baked.


  1. awesome!!
    I like that Ygritte narrates it (a wildling telling the her own history)

    1. i just love her voice..and yes, the fact the SHE narrates it is quite fitting and very nice. :) thanks for commenting.


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