Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Game of Thrones Season 3 Teaser!

Well, HBO is teasing us as March is approaching -- and they're doing it quite successfully. So here's another taste of Game of Thrones' Season 3 coming our way:

See that, see that? I have so much thoughts about this 2-minute video that I think my head will start to hurt any minute. So in hopes of coming across as comprehensible, I'll try to put them in bullets:
  • The Queen of Thorns in her full garb! I never imagined that to be that way, but it's still awesome!
  • I still think Tyrion's scars are a little lacking to begin with. (Check the book.)
  • Richard Madden's (Robb Stark) Irish accent! *swoon* @.@
  • Charles Dance! Such a brilliant actor. Him saying: "Plots are not public knowledge. We need to act first." is enough for me to keep raping that replay button every time that line comes up. :D
  • I really believe that Natalie Dormer's voice adds up to Margeary's sophistication as a character. I could never get tired of that voice of her's.
  • Mance Rayder! Not what I have imagined him to look like, but I'm still pretty excited.
  • I love Michelle Fairley's enthusiasm in the interview.
I agree. Any fan who've read the book looks forward for this season more than anything. I can't blame them, Book three is my favorite in the whole series, too. Anyways, I'm just really excited how they would execute all of this and amaze/shock fans on everything that would be going on this season. I can't contain my excitement, I wish March would come sooner. :)

On a side note: Why am I so thrilled spotting Thomas Brodie-Sangster's Jojen Reed in here? I really think casting Thomas for this part is indeed spot-on! I mean, you can just look at his eyes and you'll know that is he perfect for this.Oh oh, I think a new subject for fangirling is on its way. XD

Ps, though; Don't bother viewing this on YouTube. There's so much evil going on in the comment section. Thank you.


  1. I cannot wait to see Dani with her army! So excited! follow me back at

    1. yup, Dani and her army! That too! :) Followed you back. Nice blog. :)


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