Friday, January 18, 2013

Booktique x Rzzzp Blog Giveaway Winner!

At last, the #Booktique giveaway has finally ended! Thanks to everyone who took their time to join my simple giveaway. To be honest, I'm kinda jealous of the winners because I actually want those items for myself. XP 

CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners:
Say Yap and Karla Nitura!

Ms. Say Yap (winner #1) got the following: 
Heaven Tee, available at 350 Php each
A Set of "I'm Here!" Bookmarks, available at 150 Php per set
 While Ms. Karla Nitura (winner #2) got the following:

Booktique Bookstrap, available for 395 Php each
A set of Paris and London Bookmarks, available for  250 Php per set
I already e-mailed the two winners, and is looking forward for their reply. If you guys won't reply within a week, I'm afraid I would have to pick another one. Anyways, congratulations! May you put these wonderful items to good use. Spread the joy of reading, one person at a time! :)

Don't forget to visit Booktique's Official Facebook page by clicking HERE. Check out their vast collection of merchandise that would really make a bookworm giddy with joy. Who knows? Maybe you could get the perfect gift for your loved one this coming Valentine's Day. :)

Join my other on-going giveaway:
Accessories up for grabs! Join my Shop o' Jewels giveaway by clicking HERE.


  1. Email sent! :) Thank you Riza and Booktique! These prizes are perfect for me:)


  2. Thank you so much Miss Riza and Booktique. Perfect! Two of the things I cant live and coffee. Thank you po uli.


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