Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NYE 2013: Welcoming the New Year with a 'bang'! :)

Why hello, 2013! It's official: 2012 is history. I figured it would take some time before I get used to writing that 3 from the 2 that I've grown used to in the past year. Especially now that my internship is finally over and  classes are starting again (for me). I figured this is my first post this year so let me just share how we greeted 2013.

Far from the literal meaning of the blog post title: no, we didn't greet New Year with loud booming firecrackers (well, except for the occassional fountains and lusis *whatever it's called*) -- we just settled for the horns//trumpets or any other things that produces loud sound to at least greet the new year ahead safe and far from harm. :)
Well... first and foremost: the FOOD! My tummy just celebrated at the sight of these. Thanks to Mama for cooking and setting up everything. Gawd, how I love parties. Plus, there's just a massive helping of bacon which came later. Goodness, I swear -- I think I just ate 3-days worth of cholesterol (or more!) back there. >.< Good thing I don't get fat that easily. XD
My sister looking pretty in her red dress. Aww, I was so jealous the entire time. I originally bought that dress for myself but turns out it was too short for me when I tried it on at home. But nonetheless, it looked pretty on her. :)
Rachelle + Me + Mama. 
Me + Mama. All dolled up to greet the new year. :* Loving my chinese-inspired high-low yellow blouse which I got from a random boutique a few days back. :)
Highlights of the evening. I figured I'll just do a collage since there are just so many pictures I wanna share that this may turn out a bit like a photo album if I posted them all one by one. XD

And then... a couple of group pictures for the evening!
Loving this candid shot. <3
At the dining table. Bursting with bright colors!
Another one again. :)

Shame that Papa wasn't able to join us in this celebration. But hey, there's always Skype -- it was kinda sad but we have to work with we got :)
Another group shot -- now with the hats/trumpets.
Standing! :)

They say how you spend the first day of the year would be how you would spend the rest of the year. Well I'm not that big on superstitions but if that's how it is -- then this year would definitely be lovely, because we really enjoyed partying it out until 3 am. There's so much food, and so much noise + we all had so much fun.

Well, I could post some insights on the past year but I think I should just leave it all behind as the calendar flipped into a new page. There's still my New Year's resolution, but my eyes are kinda tired now and I need sleep... so I guess that could wait until the next post.

Anyways.... a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Hope you all have a good year ahead. Here's to a more lively, fun life. Cheers to all of us! :) ~ Riza :)

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