Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting off the year good -- with papers, stickers, and prose.

I don't know... but the first few days of the year always makes me wanna be creative. I want to write, to make scrapbooks, to read. Well, unsurprisingly, I just spent the first day of the year just that.
That's my newest quote book + my BDJ planner at the bottom.
Well, 2013 has finally arrived and that means one thing: I need to change into my 2013 planner and start filling it up with all the goodness that I can muster. My BDJ planner has been a very important part of my daily life these past year and I mean to continue doing that this year.
And to add a little color, I printed some "I'm not beautiful like you, I'm beautiful like me" stickers ( I really love the idea/quote) from the BDJ Box collection  I haven't ordered mine yet, so what's left is to improvise. It's so much fun doing these things, and I sure hope BDJ won't mind. XD
I'm currently loving the new customizable space at the beginning of each month. I finally figured how to post some memorable pictures which I really really want to do since forever. >.< To start off my January pages, I decided to print out a little photo of our family at our NYE party and put that Happy New Year word art below. It sure added some flair in my journal/planner. Plus I figured it would be something that would make me smile every time I see it at the start of my day.
I also put a new-year's-reasolution-of-sorts beside it. I tried to keep it down to 5, and they're quite generalized. At least I have a vision at how I want to spend this year. And I forgot to include there: SAVE. SAVE. SAVE.

Well, I'm not one to talk but I don't usually do these resolution thingies. But I'm now at a point where I somehow want something to change in my life instead of the daily routine that I grew accustomed to over the years. I know these are pretty basic -- but hey, I'm just starting these off so I figured I should start with things that I can easily adapt to and practice. At least, I know that they will somehow yield results.

It's weird, but I think putting it into ink, into paper, somehow make them more... tangible? Does that even make sense? It's like a more legitimate statement when you write it down instead of just thinking about it and making mental notes on practicing them everyday.
A page in the book. :)
On another note.... I don't know if I already blogged about it but I found this amazing vintage-looking notebook which I immediately bought and made into a quote book of sorts. I'm a sucker for quotes and anything prose so I figured I should go collect them in one place so that I could go back at them over and over whenever I feel like it.

So, it was around New Year's Eve and I was scanning through my Instagram feeds when I stumbled upon a post from the amazing Tyler Knott (@tylerknott). Check it out here in his page. 

I've been an avid follower of his, waaaay back during my Tumblr-addiction days -- and Tyler never failed to provide me with prose and poetry that I sorely love. His typewriter series, random picture + quote posts, and his daily haikus were all breathtaking.
Talk about kicking off the new year with an amazing prose.
This quote, accompanied by a lovely black and-white picture of birds flying in the sky, really plucked at my heart strings. It was both sweet and sad for some reason, and I can't help but wonder when will I ever find someone to say those words to. Hihi. (Aww, there goes my hopeless romantic self again. It's been quite a while -- hi there romantic me!)

I immediately printed a copy of the quote plus the picture and posted it in my collection. :)
And what better way to start off the year other than heeding the words of God. :) As I've mentioned in my last post, I am really loving Max Lucado's Grace for the Moment. It's amazing how everything seems pretty timely. Just when you needed them. I'm really tempted to go on reading page by page in one sitting but I know that I must restrain myself. :P
Especially loving the January 2 message as this is something that I can strongly relate to. Those moments when your self-esteem feels really low, or worse, non-existent at all. I know that many girls, not only me, had those days at least once in their lives. This is really a lovely message to ponder with at the first week of the year.

Well to sum it up, my first day has been pretty laid back, I know, but I surely enjoyed it. It's really nice spending quality time with, uhm, youself. XD But hey, sometimes, people need to be alone in order to settle down everything that's been going on in their heads, right? If you would ask me, it's really important that each person get to have their alone-time; although in my case, I do it a lot more than necessary. Hehe. But it's just always a matter of preference. Agree?

So, what about you? How did you spend your first day of the year?

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