Friday, January 25, 2013

This is one of those times... :/

Ever felt like you're not good enough at what you WANT to do? For years now, I've believed that if I live in a perfect world, reading and writing would be the only things that I want to do for the rest of my life. We all had these kind of days... when you feel inferior all of a sudden and you, at a snap of a finger, realize that you've been wasting your time believing you're good at a certain thing. Well, I'm probably feeling it right now. 

It is really disheartening. It sucks. I don't always fool myself that I'm an impeccable writer. In fact, I'm far from it. I've written amateurly through the years. And unlike most of those who venture on this path, I didn't have that much of a background when it comes to the basics of writing and writing as a whole. I have grammatical errors and misspelling in my posts, but I try to keep them low to the best of my abilities. (And no matter how cliche it sounds) I'm not perfect.

The bottom line is that I admit that I'm not that  good of a writer, but I chose to think that it's because I love what I am doing that's why I still push through. But to borrow a quote from one of my all-time favorite Kseries, "Being 'good' and 'trying hard' are two different things." Oh well...

I know I promised to just fill this blog with all the things that make me happy, but there's just too many negative thoughts in my head right now -- and I know I have to vent it out.

In hopes of cheering myself up, I decided to look back on one post that made me smile regarding this matter:

I recently joined a community in Google+ called Writer's Discussion Group, and such short stay already proved to me that writers are the most sensible and insightful bunch of people -- ever!

So there goes the conversation...
Thanks +Cyndi Shively! You really made my day. :)

So that's that I guess. I just have to remember that whenever I feel things like this again. You cannot fake passion, and even if I'm not that good at what I want to do, I still can't deny the fact that I love what I am doing and writing (+ reading) will always be a big part of myself.

 *inhale exhale* 
I just need to stop and breathe in order to let all of these frustrations disappear now. :)


I can't believe this simple post had an effect to these lovely people. Here's some snippet:

I just thanked them, but they're thanking me now. I'm really really glad I'm part of the WDG family! :)

These and the comments below are what keeps me going despite setbacks. I promise, I won't stop. :))


  1. Riza , it's natural that writers are so sensitive and they feel things. I was supposed to be a writer and me and my twin even launched a magazine in school in 2011 but only for one month and not for sale :)
    But now I just do simple blogging :) Good luck in your writing future :)

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    1. Aww. Thanks for this message, Aree! :) So I guess what I'm feeling right now is normal, eh. Too bad you didn't continue that magazine, I wish I could take a look at it. :)

  2. It’s true Riza. We don’t have to make a living from writing in order to call ourselves writers. I am one of those, like you. I have written two novels and I am trying to edit and self-publish the first one, titled DAZED.

    If I would sit back and think all those people who either have studied it, or they make money from it, I wouldn’t write anything and I would be unhappy. I am not perfect either and I make my mistakes too. But all this will get better by time and I have seen this happen. Writing DAZED was way harder than writing the second book and I imagine that the more I write the better I become. That will happen to you too as long as you won’t give up on your dream.
    It is hard I know and I have my days too. Here is the link from my latest post where I was dealing with “one of those times” as you nicely said.

    So, I say we will smile and keep writing because that’s what we love, right?

    1. I've always dreamt of writing professionally...but I'm afraid the path I've taken ever since I entered college would lessen the odds big time. Honestly, I don't even envision myself being published. I just have this great urge to share my life and everything that I love all the time -- and in turn, hoping to inspire people to love reading as much as I love it. Maybe the feeling of being unappreciated kinda got the best of me - but you could never really please everybody, right? Anyways, thanks A for this very heartwarming comment! I honesty feel that you're one of the most sensible bloggers I'm following right now. :)

      I just read your post...and I know that you understood me completely. We all had those days. :) Here's to us continuing to do what we love. :)

      ~ Riza

    2. Looking forward to reading your book, A! Goodluck on your writing. :)

    3. Thank you very much. I hope you will read it and like it. I want so much for people to read DAZED. :)
      Thanks for making a comment on my blog too. I answered you there too.
      Good luck to both of us. :)

  3. Hey, Riza. Just wanted to say that you made our day over at the Writers' Discussion Group with your comments. We absolutely appreciate you, and we're so glad to have you as a part of our community. As for being afraid...I get that too. Just remember, every writer is a little bit afraid of how they'll be perceived. We put ourselves out there for judgement and scrutiny, and that can be unnerving. The truth is that no writer is perfect, and a community of writers can be a great place to grow, no matter what your skill level, area of interest, or writing style. Hopefully we can all encourage one another to take those scary steps towards accepting our roles as "writers."
    Best, Amanda Rachelle

    1. wow.. thanks for heading over my blog to comment. I read about Cyndi and John's posts. Though I should be the one thanking you guys, I'm really glad that I get to put a smile in your face. What a wonderful community WDG is. It's fascinating reading about all the insightful discussions going on in there -- from editing, to book cover, and everything in between. I'm glad I discovered it and joined in. Thanks for stopping by Amanda.


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