Saturday, February 9, 2013

A little breather.



Things have been really kinda busy around here and I figured I haven't done any real-time update for a while now. With everything going on, I can't even post a decent blog entry concerning my life.

My academic/personal life (which are so totally linked into each other, I can't even tell the difference) is so hectic right now.

The mock board is fast approaching.

I think I'm not doing really well in my review classes. And I just found out this week that it's going to be credited and will go right into my transcript. @.@

Speaking of transcripts... I'm targeting a certain bracket and mine's kinda hanging in the balance and crediting the review won't really help.

There's this event we're organizing. Kinda big scale because the whole org population is coming, and the credit is just A UNIT tops.

AND I just figured I still don't have anything to wear in that event which is in... oh hey, three days.

Assignments are piled up.

Books are left unread.

I still don't know if I could claim the scholarship grant because I still haven't secured the necessary requirements due to my stupidity.

And I have this important forum that I want to attend to but eventually can't because of the time, venue, and everything.

Well yeah.. there's kinda so many thing running in my mind right now so I'm probably typing my complete, unedited train of thought all this time. It has been a rough start of the month but I trust everything will work out fine in the end. I just have to trust in it. ;)

When everything's past and done, I hope I could write more. I really missed having personal posts in here. Plus there's 2 book reviews I haven't posted (or written) yet, and 2 events I still haven't talked about. I have so much to say but there's too little time. Well, I guess this is it for now. Sorry for boring you with all the nonsense.

Till next time. xoxo

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