Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm not really in the best position to talk about positivity here because, y'know, I'm usually a very negative person. But after the sudden-drop-in-self-worth episode last time, I decided to post what I keep telling to myself these past few days anyway. I am a strong believer that writing about something makes the idea more concrete as it is and, hey, of course, sharing adds up to its value because you'll never know if you'll inspire others or make someone's day just by your words. :)

I found out that if you just sorround yourself with positivity -- postive things, positive people. POSITIVE THOUGHTS, etc. -- life becomes brighter and more livable. Obviously, that's the basic effects of the law of attraction. But what keeps me wondering is if it is that obvious, why do people still find it hard to grasp the idea? And I think that the simple answer, at least for me, is that they just don't choose to live it. In the end, it's all just a matter of choice, right? Positivity just keeps lurking around you, but you end up not grabbing them every chance you get. It's hard not to understand such a simple matter, and the hard truth, is that some people just choose not to understand, or better yet, ignore the idea. Why? I've been through negative episodes, but even I don't know the answer to that. 

But we can find solace in the thought, that whatever life gives us along the way, we can just find the good things in it and face it head on with a smile on our face. That's all you can do to make life more bearable, anyways. :)

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