Sunday, March 17, 2013

Doing What's Right

I'm posting this early in the morning (which is so not me) because I believe that this deserves a space in my blog. :)
"Do what is right this week, whatever it is, whatever comes down the path, whatever problems and dilemmas you face -- just do what's right. Maybe no one else is doing what's right, but you do what's right. You be honest. You take a stand. You be true. After all, regardless of what you do, God does what is right: he saves you with his grace." ~ Max Lucado

I felt really happy and inspired when I read that after my early morning devotion. A message to be steadfast and firm to someone who is being tested right now. God makes it to a point to teach us lessons, not to just give us things. He already had our lives planned up ahead of us and He could easily let us have all the comfort we can, but no -- He still wants us to grab the things we desire and work for the things we deserve. He tests us along the way, more like letting us decide if we're gonna fight for something and stand firm to what we believe in.

Why? Because He wants us to grow.

God's teachings and all the lessons we got and we can get from all of it are our weapons in conquering what He promised: LIFE. A living life. It was a promise of happiness.

So if hurdles come along the way... as Max Lucado puts it: "Be patient. God's is [only] using today's difficulties to strengthen you for tomorrow." So be firm! Do the right thing -- always.

Good morning! xoxo

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