Friday, March 15, 2013

It's done! :D

Though I will still be busy for the next three days or so, I just can't help but share the excitement and the happiness I've been feeling since yesterday.

As you might know, the last part of my Pre-Board exams for our in-house review was yesterday and after we finished that meeting, I just can't help but get all smiles and clap with glee. Finally! I have the right to rest -- even for just a bit. I admit that I somehow pushed myself far too much these past two weeks, sleep-deprived as I am, that when I got back in our dormitory -- I just went to sleep immediately. But now, at least: no more late nights (no-sleep nights at that) worrying how to review massive amounts of information for fear of failing the exam. Feeling that sort of release -- it was quite a treat.

And then it occurred to me -- I just took the last exam in my five years of undergraduate study.It kinda made me a little sad and happy at the same time. The thing is, no matter how I rant over the pressure and how hard my course is -- I still want what I am doing. I loved it, no matter how hard it is to admit. I'm graduating in college in a few days time (hello, April 10!), and I know I'm gonna miss all of it. All -- the happiness of passing an exam, exerting so much effort for a project and get rewarded for it, even those times when I felt so down and the pressure's gone to me -- every single thing that makes up the joy of being a student. What I learned is that whatever it is that we experienced, good or bad, we should be thankful for it because it is all according to God's pleasing and perfect plan for us.

Throughout my college years (5 years, it is) I've always looked at other courses -- envying others taking up MassCom, Lit, or English even -- bur God is strangely pushing me back to Accountancy, always. But now that everything is coming to an end (I can almost see the finish line!) and that far-fetched dream of being a CPA is now slowly materializing in front of me, I can now see that every bit of effort, tears, and series of self-doubt were worth it. God really has a strange way of making things work out for me. He kept on pushing me back here, because this success is what He has planned for me all along. I'm yet to take the board, but I know that God will guide me at it -- and I am claiming it now. :)

Maybe it's too early to post some sort of a graduation look-back-to-my-colorful-college-years kind of entry and I didn't even intend to do just that. Haha. What started out as some quick post turned out to be such a blurry of words expressing my feelings. I just can't help it because I'm really really happy right now. :)) I hope I could still post a detailed one after graduation. :)

On a lighter note, I'm glad that I still have at least a week or two -- free! --  before I set out reviewing at Manila and during that time, I'll do my best updating here. There has been a couple of things that I haven't shared yet because of the time constraints but I'm really looking forward to it. 

I'm currently doing my first commissioned work today (yey!) which I need to finish tonight so it's been kinda hectic. There is also my Narrative Report for my internship last December (guilty of procrastination right here. hehe) plus the Documentation for our Synthesis which was assigned to me (deadline on Tues! >.< ). As you can clearly see, I still have my hands full! Haha, I clearly remembered how wretched I felt about these things back then: check it out here and here. But now, it's strange because I feel light-hearted as ever! 

I feel so blessed right now. There's really a very important and special news about me -- but I'll announce it once it is sure as stone. It's what I've been praying for so long so I'm really excited about it. I'll be posting in the coming days, so pray for me, please?. :)) 

I better be going. Bye. :*


  1. Congratulations, future CPA!! :) Welcome back to the blogging world.

    1. thanks goldie! i may have overdone myself today for I posted 3 consecutive posts in 3 hours. haha.

  2. Congratulations in advance! :) -Anne

  3. Congratulations, Riza! :) Happy for you!


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