Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gawad Karangalan 2013 :D

I'm so lucky to be living in a very organized city where the government honors its people. *sounds own trumpets* >.<

But no kidding, I really am.

Last April 26,2013, we attended yet another event -- the GAWAD KARANGALAN 2013.

I don't know if you're familiar with this event -- I'm guessing you're not -- but to give a little background, it is an annual event organized by the City Government of Dasmariñas that started waaaay back 2000 where they honor and recognize the students that excelled in their academics and those that brought honor to the city by passing their respective board exams.

I don't know if all cities/municipalities do this but I just wanna commend the whole city government for organizing this kind of event because it really is nice to be recognized - plus, it gives the students some inspiration to achieve more and do more for the betterment of the society and themselves.

#THROWBACK! Gawad Karangalan 2004
 I first attended the Gawad Karangalan waaay back 2004 -- Hihi, I was roughly 12 years old then and just graduated from Elementary. That event was a "game-changer" (for lack of a better term), and I remembered that I felt really overwhelmed becoming part of a group of achievers. Most of my high school classmates attended that event, and I felt really weird realizing that the same people that will become my best and dearest friends were also in attendance there -- you know being there and being unconscious of each other's presence until later? -- but well, there goes my nostalgic self again.

It's really hard to imagine that it's been -- what?-- roughly 9 years later and I'm back to that same event again. So much time has passed and it's amazing when you think about all the changes that you've been through. 

Want a more graphic representation? Teehee! Here's a before and after picture:



See what I'm talking about? So different! >.< Neneng-nene pa ako and Papa was thinner then. Ugh, don't get me started on my skin color. Hihi.

Well then, enough of the overwhelming nostalgic feelings. Here's a rundown of what happened after the jump. :)

The event happened at the Ugnayang La Salle (ULS) at De La Salle University-Dasmariñas (DLSU-D). Much improvement right there! The last time I attended, the event was held at the municipal quadrangle only. :)

Nice shot by Pops. :)
So many people!

The program was grand and so much people are in attendance. There has been an upward trend of attendees they said -- Nice! :)

I was seated next to my college buds and we spent most of the time chit chatting about random things. It's really amazing how fast time flies when you're talking to someone.
With my fellow awardees / college buddies: Cynthia & Hannah. :) 
Was able to meet some people I know, too.

Certified Public Accountants! My college seniors.
It was really good seeing them at the event especially since they're one of my inspirations in continuing to work hard. :)

With my Ate CPAs. :)

Me with my Plaque.

With Pops. :)
And you know what's the best part? Bumping into some old friends! 

It was instant high school reunion from there onward. 

Wacky pose after another.
Laughing so hard at each other's silliness. It's so fun!
Janet, Steph, Eriko, Me, Vian, Chel. :)

It felt really amazing reuniting with your old high school buds in an awards night! How awesome is that, really. Janet passed the CPA board exam and Steph passed the Nursing Licensure Exam -- both last year. Eriko, me, and Vianney graduated with honors in college. And Rachel graduated as a City Scholar. It felt really good to be with this bunch of people. I hope this happens more!

Next HS reunion in-the-making. Teehee. Next time, we're all professionals/licensed. And I'm sure we'll have so much fun.

Finally, a nice formal shot.

You know you're close with someone when you camwhore shamelessly and do wacky pose after the other anywhere - every step you make -- even in an awarding ceremony. LOL. >.< 

My plaque.
Srsly, to the City Government of Dasmariñas especially to Mayor Jenny and Cong. Pidi -- thanks for recognizing us and for this award! (As well as upping the cash prize, hehe >.<) Receiving prizes makes me wanna achieve more by the day. Thanks for inspiring me and all the awardees out there.

But of course, would I ever forget? I would like to thank my ever loving God for this wonderful blessing. You never fail to make me smile -- like this: :D

'Till next year! When I pass the board exam. :) #ClaimIt!


  1. Wow! Congratulations dear for being a cum laude! You deserve recognition after dedicating yourself so much to your studies. :)) And oh, is that Howell? Haha.

  2. hi. im a board passer. how do i "apply" for gawad karangalan? thank u. 😃


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