Monday, April 22, 2013

The extent that people do in order to not lose the things they love

It's amazing really.

On my way home, I figured I had some extra time so I decided to drop by my favorite bookstore. As usual, I'm content in just caressing and marveling at the paperbacks that I've been dying to buy but can't because I have this promise to myself to buy them after the review sessions.

There's still no sign of the paperback edition of The Fault in Our Stars. So I moved on to the second in my list. I didn't find any copy in its usual place. Strange, because the list says that it was available.

And then I spotted that yellowish/brown cover behind the copies of Untamed. Bingo.

There's no way a bestseller like that would be put in the back, unnoticed.

Maybe the stock is getting low. And finding that copy,  maybe someone who's saving up for it put that there so that no one would see them unless they search thoroughly.

Realizing this, I can't help but smile.

Maybe those loaded kids don't experience this, but for us who still need to figure out a way to save all this dough to buy what we love can understand.

You don't have enough money to buy the book at that time. And you want it soooo badly, that you this idea -- to hide it so no one would pick it up and buy it -- would come up.

I just find it so amazing -- holding on to the things we love.

Have you also experienced something like this? Did you experience hiding a book, too, because you want it so badly? :D


  1. I do it all the time! Haha! I even hide it in a different section. :)

    1. ikr. hehe. i experienced it a couple of times. :)

      thanks for commenting, anne! :)

  2. Haha! I also do that! I hide the books in the children's books section!

    1. waah! nice choice. only few look scours that section. XD


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