Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gatsby? What Gatsby?

With Gatsby's overseas premiere, so much reviews have been published all around the web and they're all keeping me pumped up and excited to watch the movie too. Mark the date, folks! The Great Gatsby is showing here in the Philippines starting May 17th. *grins wide*

All these advertisements really sparked some interest. And the production is so grand, extravagant, if you know what I mean -- really reflects the 1920's vibe that Fitzgerald embedded in his book. From the couture, to the accessories, everything screams and hits you in the face. This is a pretty interesting adaptation, from the looks of it. I've seen Romeo + Juliet! and Moulin Rouge, both Baz Luhrmann creations and I am expecting no less!

Plus, I must admit that the thing that attracted me most and kept me really excited is the cast! All-star if you'll ask me.And though I'm not in the position to judge the casting strictly from the book -- I'd say they nailed it from the vibe (not strictly physical) that I've got since I read The Great Gatsby last year. Middle-aged DiCaprio is looking so awesome with that amazing tan and all those lines, I complain no more. And Joel Edgerton as Tom -- the feels!

And must I forget -- the character that they nailed the most: Daisy Buchanan. It's no secret that I've been a Carey Mulligan fan ever since I saw Never Let Me Go. I've always imagined Carey to be Daisy -- and there they go, fulfilling my wish. I don't care if I hate Daisy Buchanan, the fact that Carey Mulligan plays her is enough for me to love her even despite all the stupidity and selfishness of her character (my opinion only). That voice of hers! Carey is sooo perf for Daisy.

Plus, the soundtrack! It got Lana Del Rey and Gotye, need I ask for more? :3

Don't forget to catch it, guys! It'll be an amazing feast in the eyes. 
I still don't have someone to accompany me on Friday, but whatever, I can go for another date with myself. XD

And oh, another #guiltypleasure song. Haha. Not in the soundtrack, but in one of the trailer. I lurve this cover!


  1. why thank you, A! i really had a hard time working on it because I don't have much knowledge so thank you for appreciating my efforts. :)

    thanks for commenting, too! :)

  2. I have heard much about Gatsby & can't what to see what's up to grab from this huge cast and direction!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. hanks for commenting noor! :) do make sure to watch out for it. :)


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