Sunday, May 19, 2013

Laid-back Mode

Hurray for my first Polyvore coordinate! I've been dying to do one for myself but this is just the first time that I had the actual time and attention to visit this amazing site and play with it.

Here's what I came up with:

Laid-back Mode

Laid-back Mode by rzzzp featuring pointed flat shoes

If you're saying "what a bore!" now, well, I don't care because I've been obsessed with black and white thingies ever since I can remember.My wardrobe is almost 60% made up of that color because 1) they're very wearable, 2) they're a classic, and 3) they easily go with absolutely anything!

This ensemble reminded me of EMODA, a Japanese brand, a lot and is one of the first stores to champion the Mode-style. What is Mode-style? Here's a brief snippet from Cheesie (one of my favorite bloggers, which is basically the one who introduced the term and got me addicted to it in the first place):
"It derives from the french word “mode”, which pretty much means fashion/style. But in Japanese it means “high fashion”, and it focuses on simplicity, silhouette and bold designs and one of it’s most distinct characteristics is being monotone (mostly black and white)."
 So that "mode" up there does not only mean "channeling that look". :)

This is something that I definitely would want to wear. I hope someday, I can have the courage to go about the day wearing these. :)

Since I got the hang of it, better expect this kind of post in the coming days. And oh, you can follow me at Polyvore here (of course, the usual username: rzzzp)

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