Friday, May 24, 2013

Moving Out?

Well, just temporarily. :D

We've been quite busy packing my things and checking if I got all I need in place because I'll be leaving our house to stay in a boarding house near the review center in which I'm enrolled at. See... my formal review sessions would finally start on May 28 (!!!), which means I only have at least 3 days to set my affairs in order . It's basically 1 and a half hour from our home, but with the heavy traffic and stuff, commuting would be really tiresome.

To be honest, I'm quite nervous. It may seem strange because for the whole 5 years of my college life, I was so used to living on my own, away from my family. I was living in the school dormitory all throughout, and my environment has always been like this:

no filter, and no edit was always so cool, roomy, and bright. My school was situated in the upland part of our province so everything was just so simple -- it was not hard to adjust myself with everything. (I'll definitely miss it.)

But now, it's Manila. It's THE city. Well, it's not exactly that bad...but with the environment I've gotten myself so used to...there would be a really drastic change in everything. The roads would be smaller, streets more populated....and the air would not seem fresher because of more vehicles. It may take a while before I get used to it, but I wish I'll enjoy all the figuring out that're waiting for me there. :)

On a slightly darker note...
Look at the pile of books waiting for me to open them:

I feel nauseous just looking at them. Haha. Those are the piles of books that I'm gonna bury my face into for the next 4 months or so. I basically wasted almost 2 months worth of free time because I haven't touched any of them. Instead, I just immersed myself with a series of books, films, and other TV shows. It feels like I've relaxed and enjoyed myself too much. It kinda made me feel guilty but there's no sense in crying over spilled milk... so I just need to concentrate on what's important on the days to come.

In a perfect world with a perfect me, that's exactly what I would do, but you know how it goes...focus don't always come easy especially to those whose minds always tend to wander on fandoms, books, and other nerdy stuffs like that. But still, I need to try harder. That's all there is... the effort of trying, right?

That goes to say that I will stop or try to avoid (as much as possible) the less important things in my life that's been eating up my time -- which also means that I won't have that much time to blog in the coming days as much as I did in the past. There, I said it. There may be occasional posts about stuff, but please don't expect me to post too often. And I hope that not all of you would leave me by the time I get the hang of things and start blogging regularly again. I hope you'll understand.

The actual board exam would start on October 5 &6 for the first part, and October 12 & 13 for the last. Until then, please pray for me. I'll be praying for all of you too, my dear readers. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Whoa, that's an intimidating pile of books, dear! Teehee. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure you have the capability to make the most out of your review. Through His grace, you'll be able to accomplish anything. I'll be including you in my prayers indeed! :)

  2. Good luck with your review Riza! You remind me of a friend who is also doing a review for her CPA licensure exam. Hehe. Good luck again! :*

    ~ ~


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