Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Fault In Our Stars

I'm on a The Fault in our Stars re-reading binge these past few days due to the fact that despite my claimed attempted self-control to not buy another book up until the CPA board exam ended, I still bought one for myself when I accidentally saw that paperback edition being restocked in the shelf of my favorite bookstore when I originally planned on just getting myself a new sign pen. *exhale, too long a sentence*

So yeah, acquiring a copy despite having already read it in PDF changes everything and renewed my devotion to the book. I have literally carried it all around the house, even going as far as putting it beside my pillow whenever I sleep. *proper use of literality this time* Trust me, it's madness. 

So imagine my reaction when one random friend in Facebook posted this:

See....all my #feels just exploded.

I love the lyrics, and they totally made me cry. I admit I'm pretty dubious to interweb current events but this is the first time that I am hearing anything of sorts about this guy -- but tell you what? I already love him not just beacuse he created such a moving song  with an equally touching vid but also because he kinda (read: kinda) emanates Augustus Waters. (Ugh. There I said it.) I know the song is Hazel-ish because of the "tank" and all that but I kept picturing Augustus thinking that chorus in his head. *heartbreaking as hell*

I still haven't gotten over Laura Shigihara's Everything is Alright and Pink's Just Give Me A Reason ... and now this. This is definitely going into my playlist. As in right now.

*I've been hashtagging #feels a lot lately* o_O
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