Thursday, May 9, 2013

Till next year.

Okay. Decent, complete family picture: UNLOCKED! :3

Mama, ME, Jaypee, Jason, Joshua, Rachelle, Papa, Rica. 

After years of trying to come up with a picture where we're all present, we successfully posed for one.

Papa only comes home for a month each year so we really had a hard time doing this. We had a dinner feast last Sunday, after mass, as some sort of a despedida (farewell party) because he was set to leave again on the 8th of May.

And yeah. He already flew back to Riyadh so it's kinda weird realizing he's here just a few days ago and miles, miles away from us now.

And here's the funny thing: He almost missed his flight. He was scheduled to fly at 1:15 am, May 8th but he got confused with the date and all and thought that he'd be flying off an hour AFTER May 8th. Good thing he realized this.

God really had a strange way of working things out. And it's just another testament on how He always watch over us. :)

It was 11:00pm (May 7th), and Papa just finished eating his dinner when Mama pulled out his docs because she's searching for something. Papa glanced at his ticket ad immediately freaked out. Quickly took a bath, while everyone was packing his things. (His things weren't prepared yet, mind you)

I was so oblivious to what's happening at the house because I was at our computer shop printing some pictures to be used on my scrap book and when I got back at the house, they were all panicking. Good thing the car was there, and my uncle (who happened to be the driver) was present.

It all just went quickly. And we said goodbye so fast. We're all not really mentally ready for when he left we were all dumbfounded.

If Papa missed his flight, it would take another 4-6 months before he fix his docs and no one would finance our studies. I will surely go straight to work, not bothering to take the board. And everything would've been different.

But by God's grace, he did got in. They arrived like 12:30 am at the airport, and he was the last one to enter the plane.
God works miracles. :)

He has now safely landed at Riyadh. It was really sad letting him go, but it was necessary. We just have to make the most out of the situation, right?

Anyways, that event made me reflect on a couple of things:
How so much things depended on one person alone; and
How we fail ourselves....and the only way to get past life unscathed is to just believe and have unwavering faith to the Lord and let ourselves fully rely on Him who holds everything is His mighty hands.

It feels overwhelmingly good to feel how much you are valued by your Creator, so we must remember to always surrender our worries to Him. Promise, He'll make it go away. :3 #loved

We won't be seeing Papa for another 11 months or so but the communication is constant so it still feels like he's just there. 

Till next year, Pops! :)

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