Sunday, September 1, 2013

You, Version 2.0: The PwC Preparation for Work Day Experience

I recently attended PwC Philippines' (Isla Lipana & Co.) Preparation for Work Day last Saturday at San Beda College - Manila. 

Honestly, I was a little hesitant at first because everyone who're supposed to come with me backed out and we have this quiz in MS on Monday. But then... It dawned on me that attending even little things like this is like building the first blocks of my career... Not to sound so futuristic or whatever, but I sincerely believed that every minute spent on it would be worth it. I really wanted to invest in my future, and passing up a chance like this would really feel weird. Because hey, it's not everyday that a big firm like PwC would invite you to attend their talk, right? And besides, a few hours off in my review time won't hurt.

Knowing how socially awkward and isolated I can be, it was a bit nerve-wracking coming to that event alone. But I managed, guys!I am so proud of myself for opening up and meeting a new friend. Which is also one important thing that I learned during the talk. "Be friendly, and everything falls into place." And it did! :)

Things were discussed: regarding the proper CV, how to handle an interview, proper attire, the importance of networking... and such. It was so much fun and believable listening to people who actually encounter these kinds of things on a daily basis versus me just browsing the internet for tips and what-nots in applying for a job.

It's bottomless pizza, everybody. >.< For a moment there, I hate my stomach for being full so fast.  Honestly, why do you always fail me when I need you? Tsk tsk tsk. :3
(c) PwC Philippines

During break, we got the chance to mingle with everyone including the staffs of PwC. They were so accommodating and very eager to answer our questions. I was honestly very shy to approach even anyone, luckily I have such a talkative companion. But later, after downing a slice and a half of pizza, I thought to myself: "What the hell. I need to do this." And I did. :)

Later on, I found myself talking to Ms. Pam, PwC's HR Director. And then, I even talked to Ma'am Emy, who is an actual PARTNER at the firm. >.<

Congratulations, self! We did it!

Okay. A first real picture of me ever since I started the review. Haha. No comment. Hello, eyebags. :3

Well, overall it was really a very enjoyable and worthwhile event. I was able to talk to some associates, and they were able to share bits of their experiences with us. It was really something that adds up to that motivation to succeed. With all the pressures of the nearing board exam, motivation and will is really something that you should hold onto to survive. Yes, even those little things matter. And sometimes, those little things have the most impact.

Why hello, Advisory. :3 Someday.... In my dream firm. #ihope

It's amazing how a few hours could somehow significantly affect your purpose. I can definitely say it was worth skipping some review time.

Thank you, PwC for that awesome experience!


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