Friday, November 8, 2013

The day I got my first license.

Too many backlogs.

But anyways... it would seem really weird to not share it here.

The thing is.... I finally got that much-coveted three-letter extension to my name. Yup, I am already a CPA, i.e. a Certified Public Accountant. Too much days have passed, and my mind is still in a haze as to all the changes that's been happening in my life. Sure I can't quite feel it as of now, but I know that I would definitely realize the weight of all these responsibilities in the coming days now that I am a certified professional now.

I used to wonder not a long time ago if it would seem really weird to maintain this blog and all these social media accounts and publish all my weird thoughts and fangirling for all the internet to see if ever I became a licensed CPA. Would it lessen my professional-worth? (Because you know, all the image and stuff.) Should I get a pseudo-name or something? (Weird stuff going on in my head right now) And if people would search my name at Google, would they raise their eyebrow on everything that they would see? I know I'm over-thinking things, but I'm just a little concerned (not that I shared anything sensitive to be embarrassed about).

But it dawned on me that this is that generation -- where sharing things is a norm, and that sharing is okay. Society now accepts the individuality that each people projects, and most often that not, appreciate it and don't judge. We just need to be a lot more sensitive and careful about it. :)) And I hope I would do just that.

But I digress.

I know that this post is supposed to be joyful and thankful in tone -- it should be, actually...but somehow, I have this feeling that the happiness or the joy I am feeling is a little bit incomplete compared to how I imagined it to be (probably, losing my mom contributes so much to this feeling -_- ) so I find it really hard to be that happy about this. But despite everything, I feel really really blessed and thankful that I am one of those people who got through that test.

October 21st. 10:00 AM.
Riza O. Ponciano, CPA.

And last October 31st, I signed my first ever job contract. I am now hired by a relatively known audit firm as an IT Audit Associate, and I feel really excited to start working and discover how wonderful this field is. I'll start on the 18th. :))

I've been on vacation for a week now, reading books here and there, so I guess the next remaining week before my first day would be devoted to working on my employment requirements and stuff. I'll also be shopping for business attires in the coming days, but I'll keep you updated. I've been eyeing this place for nice pieces whose prices are quite the steal. I'm so excited.

On a slightly different note, I'm trying to finish these books so I could publish some reviews in the coming days. I thought vacation would just be all about books, books, and books -- but it turns out, I was wrong. >.< So just stand by, I'll keep you posted. I have three book reviews, pending, and another one (requested) for a novella. And I do hope I could finish my 2013 reading challenge this year, no matter how small it is compared to others. :3

That would be all. Ciao! :)

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