Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Book: The Virgin's Wedding Night by Sara Craven

A bride for the taking Harriet Flint must marry before she's twenty-five if she is to claim her inheritance. She turns to sexy Roan Zandros, who agrees to a marriage in name only.
Their marriage vows exchanged, Roan reveals he is a billionaire whose every demand is granted.
Harriet realizes that Roan has every intention of claiming his inexperienced bride.
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Cliche as this may seem but this book will definitely stick with me. It's been almost a day since I finished this but my mind still kept going back to that final scene of realization, acceptance, and most of all reunion. Of course there's the obligatory love scene as a romance book should have, but the character development was awesome especially with the main protagonist, Harriet Flint, which came off as a convention-bending lass with a passionate heart. Also, it's not hard to fall head over heels with the male protagonist, Roan Zandros. I love how everything unraveled beautifully at the end.

I can't say the title was misleading...but it definitely wasn't its strongest part. Don't let it get to you because this book is more than all of that. This book is kinda sweet and all.. and coming from me, that itself says something.

I've overlooked this genre since forever. But after reading this, I realized how much I missed reading light and romantic story lines. Definitely trying out others of this kind. Any suggestion? :)

Quotable Quote:
"He has never understood that sometimes real love requires one to let the beloved go. Probably he never will." ~ Roan Zandros

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