Wednesday, December 18, 2013


She was there, sitting at the bench, arms stretched,  hands resting at her sides. He sat beside her, and did the same. Her hands twitched at the slightest moment of contact but she didn't move.

And neither did he. He kept it that way, aware of each other's soft breaths against the cold wind that brushed their skin. They settled to watch and marvel at the night sky.

He looked at her. She's smiling still gazing at the wide horizon and he wondered if anyone ever looked that beautiful in the soft light of the moon.

Feeling his gaze, she turned to him and saw something in those eyes -- eyes that she grew too used to in the past few months. It's coming, she said to herself. She knew that he would ask something that has been bothering him - both of them, for months now. She wanted to take a deep breath, but is too aware of his presence to even do anything.

"What are we doing?", he asked. Seeing him getting this serious felt weird and confirming all at the same time. It took a moment to answer, but she said it anyway. "I don't know," said she, thinking how those three words are the only thing that can perfectly reflect what she's feeling at that moment.

He looked at her still, and in that very instant, it felt like time somehow stopped. He wished for that moment to freeze, for him to just hold that gaze forever, swim in the ocean of her eyes....but he can't.

After what seems like forever, he broke his gaze and looked up again. She did the same.

Those words hurt, he thought, but uncertainty is better than nothing.


Something clicked, and they smiled. This is the start of something wonderful. And both are aware of that.

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