Saturday, January 11, 2014

An Awesome Surprise from BDJ! :3

A few days ago, someone from Viviamo messaged me and said that they would be sending me a New Year's Gift for being part of the BDJ Community. I wasn't really expecting much, more like in the line of their FMN Notebooks. 

And then I went home earlier, and this wonderful package was waiting for me.

I did not only get a FMN Notebook, but they gave me more! What a surprise, really. :3

Here is the rundown of what I received:

A whole notebook of Belle De Jour Power Planner Sticky Notes!

I've been wanting to get one since I saw in their page that they're offering this new product in the market. Just look how cute they are! A notebook filled with sticky notes in 8 different designs. I particularly like the "I want to remember this" and the "Priorities for the day" sticky notes (the two big ones at the center).

They also gave me a Focus/Finish BDJ Forget-Me-Not List Journal! It comes in a yellow cover, which is bright as it is cute. I am really in need of this one for my engagements right now at work. It's crazy how BDJ can read what's exactly on my mind and what I need right now. >.<

And who could forget! They also sent me a Belle De Jour Power Planner in Leather. A freakin' BDJ Planner in it's full glory, can't you see. And it came with it's corresponding Lifestyle Card. I was too excited upon first handling the package. Even before I opened it, I can already sense that it includes one. But when I opened it and I saw this, I was really glad! It was really heartwarming.

Now that I think about it, the leather cover was as good as their matte one. :)) For a more formal, business-y feel.

I love this quote! I've been meaning to take a clear picture of this, and now I have the chance. :)

Now what to do with the extra planner?
I've already purchased my own from Fully Booked a few days back, so I have this leather one as an extra. I figured I should just give it to someone -- probably my sister -- to spread the love, recruit another Bella perhaps, and I hope this would help her make things happen. :))

As for BDJ, I just want you to know guys that you've made me feel really special for sending me these things. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I've been a Bella for two years now, and this is my third -- I can say that being part of your community has been really awesome by far! 

Here's to more years to come! :) ~ R

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