Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Fault in our Stars Trailer is finally here!!!

As I said before: "Seeing fiction coming to life is such a bliss that when you’re at the moment, no matter how screwed some facts maybe, or no matter how far it deviates from the book, you were so happy you feel like crying." -- not that they changed much anyway.

Grab some tissues because here's the much awaited #TFioS trailer in its full HD glory:

In just a span of more than 2 minutes, my life is broken and made whole all at the same time. The trailer is so perfect I can't even -- Ah, God. Nat Wolff in nerd glasses (right, this is me fangirling). Isaac and his glasses. Hazel with the cannula. The big make-out at Anne Frank's house. The literal heart of Jesus. The egg throwing. And the fact that almost all of the trailer's dialogues are verbatim from the book. Almost everything was straight out adapted from the book I can't even comprehend my feelings about it. (Plus the fact that they used a OneRepublic song for this. I swear, "What You Wanted" would wreck me if I randomly hear it playing somewhere in the coming days." One proof. I am quite emotionally unstable right now, I know.)

But you know who surprised me the most in this? It's definitely Augustus Waters.

I am so amazed at how Ansel Elgort managed to pull off Augustus. It was so perfect. Gus' half smile. The way he says "your real story..." and "I reject that".  How he looked at Hazel with eyes full of sincerity, and as if she's the only thing he's seeing.

His face when Hazel said "Gus, I'm a grenade."
 And how he managed to pull off saying one of my favorite lines in the book:

How his voice sounded at that last "...and I am in love with you."

Yeah, there's a bit of a discrepancy with what I have in mind -- with the scene, ambiance, and all. But it was delivered all the same. How he's like trying to convince Hazel with that slight crack in his voice. And his saying that even though he knows she's not ready to say it back. F this life. The acting chops, man. It's all those little things, if you know what I mean.

I can honestly see Ansel as the perfect Gus, now

And I don't even care if he sees this or not. This is just genuine gratitude, people. Because I am really, really, really thankful to the nth time to him for not letting me down and bringing my imagination perfectly into life.
After that sudden leak of the TFioS trailer (which I am guilty of watching) a few days back, I honestly thought that the actual HD trailer would not send me to heaven again. But I am wrong. My feelings are everywhere, and I am not even ashamed of it. Watching -- even just the trailer, was a pretty amazing experience. This trailer managed to extract a whole range of emotions from me enough to even last a week, or even a month. I don't even know if I'll be able to handle watching the full length film. >.< That "Okay? Okay." at the end (which I'm guessing is the end shot of the film)? God! THIS TRAILER DEMANDS TO BE FELT, and you know it.

Pretty much sums up what I'm feeling right now.
(And I am keeping that "...and I am in love with you" quote as a ringtone. I am dead serious.)

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