Saturday, January 4, 2014

A new year makes starting over pretty special. All this new year, new me shit. They probably sound so cliche now -- but it doesn't mean they're any less sincere and true. :)

It has been a rather hard year...but I'm glad to say we made it through the end. I feel that it's wrong to say that everything that's happened should belong to the past already...because you know, some things just stick with you not because you let it, but because it mattered. So long for sad memories, lonely nights, tears, and all. Now is the time to start planning ahead, and aim for a brighter future - so that looking back, no matter how erratic the roller coaster ride may be, it would all be worth it.

Here's an unflattering photo of us right before the clock struck 12. :)

It just seem like yesterday that I wrote this post... and looking back, so much things have changed. ;( But there's no sense getting down over this kind of things. This year, I hope to brighten up my perspective a bit. Strive to be a cheerful person. And discover things --- new things, so that life won't be as dull and boring as it had been in the past.

First headshot for 2014! :3
There's this part at my BDJ Planner that says "If there's one things I will achieve this year, it will be...", and at that night, I didn't even think, I just straight up write that "I want to take time to make myself happy." And I sure do hope I could. :)) 

It's been a great start so far, as with the new work and the new environment, new people to meet, new chances to widen my horizon. It was hard adjusting at first, but now that I think about it, there are definitely ups and downs with the path I've chosen to tackle, but I am definitely loving it.

Here's to a greater year ahead! To a  better, more cheerful self. To the places that we'll go. To the experiences yet to try. To more book we'll read. And to all the blessings we'll receive. We'll make it happen. :))

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