Monday, March 31, 2014

Unboxing my March BDJ Box. :3

Before the clock strikes 12, here's my last attempt to post something -- anything -- this March. This 'unboxing' post was a tad bit overdue, but it's never too late to share the giddiness that I felt when I saw what this month's theme was all about!  I literally kicked the wall (ouch!) and screamed at the top of my lungs when I opened the package. AN EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT BDJ BOX! What can a girl ever ask for?! :)

SECRETS OF A SPY GAL. Cute BDJ Box cover, Benebabe-style. 
Well, Benefit is a cosmetic brand known for its lasting power, perfect coverage...and of course, their creative packaging. Honestly speaking, I was only made aware of this brand when I joined the BDJ Community way back. Reading how bloggers raved about it sparked much of my curiosity. I haven't bought my first Benefit cosmetic yet --- but because of this box, I might consider just that.

More of this after the jump! :3

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A little unsure.

There were moments when I really want to be noticed and be appreciated. Those moments that convince me that I love being in the spotlight more than I want to admit. But there were also moments when I just try desperately to disappear, to be invisible. Even the tiny bit of attention suffocates me. That if it’s possible to just disappear right then and there at that chair, I would. I kept digging my fingers but then nothing happens.

There’s a side of me that tries so hard to experience the world, that wants to live even a little. But there’s also this side that somehow got tired of all the trying, that she just settled to curl up in her own little make-believe.

It was almost like there are two me. And sometimes they merge into something beautiful…and I swear, at that moment, I almost feel like a normal person. I wish for those moments to last — but they don’t.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

That feeling.

I’ve seriously thought of closing everything down - including THE blog. But at the last minute, I decided against it. I just resorted to deactivating everything.

It just felt suffocating in a way — to think that I’ve become more comfortable viewing the world through a screen than actually experiencing it first-hand. It morphed something in me, that I can’t even decide if it’s good or not. Everything just became a routine…clicking and typing my way through another day. The real world felt like THE alternate world…when it’s supposed to be otherwise.

All I can say is that, somehow, it stopped making me feel good. And everything just feels superficial. And I want to fall in love with life again — that I know I have to break the monotony to at least save that feeling.


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