Sunday, April 6, 2014


"There is only one thing we say to death: NOT TODAY." ~ Syrio Forell, A Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (or more appropriately, A Song of Ice and Fire series) is one who isn't afraid to show blood. There has been so much deaths, in the books and in the TV series. And though the small screen adaptation have some minor deviations from my beloved and favorite book series, I can say that they've made very death (minor or major) artistically and well executed. Some say that it's too much, but still, these deaths are probably one of the major factors that made the TV show and book series a hit. To hell with fan service! -- this thing is the real deal.

And because Season 4 is just around the corner... HBO made an effort to recount the past deaths that made significant impact to the show for the past 3 seasons. Check out their Beautiful Death tumblr, their "official death-by-death countdown to Game of Thrones Season 4" .

The site includes 30 stunning portraits illustrated by Robert Ball -- interpreting one death per episode. Each portrait includes symbolism and quotes included in the iconic deaths of the show. Brilliant, brilliant interpretations.

Here're my 5 favorites among the bunch: (spoilers ahead)

Jory's death may have been a minor detail, but please....this illustration is just so stunning it just caught my attention right on.

Here's to one of the best episodes the TV show has produced...ever! Blackwater was a mixture of brilliant story telling, great pacing, and just downright amazing script. Epic!

Just seeing the Godswood make me choke up. Ugh, Winterfell.

This is not in the books, so this really caught me off guard. This shot really brought up Joffrey's love for cruelty on a much disturbing level. I never really got a solid take on this while I was reading, but it was very apparent on the show -- and I loved it. Also, I love this illustration.

There goes all our feels, right? This wouldn't be a list of my favorites without the #RedWedding in it. One of the most iconic death scenes the series has produced, if not the best. I know many of us were traumatized, and rewatching this episode may prove too hard because that means we'll undergo the same emotional trauma that we've tried so hard to get over with.

Illustrations c/o Robert Ball / HBO
Well, that's just about it. Who's excited for the Season 4 pilot? Because I totally am! Season 4 would be all about the latter half of A Storm of Swords, which for me was the most action-packed in all the series so far -- and my favorite! If they would follow everything (which I'm sure they would because everything at that point is pivotal to the plot), I know, more deaths are coming. So be prepared, this list of beautiful deaths would continue to grow any moment now. :)

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