Sunday, October 26, 2014

#BookHaul: Every You, Every Me by David Levithan

It’s been a while since I posted something decent and I am honestly feeling a lot guilty about it than necessary. There were so many books opened and left unfinished. There were so many books bought and piled to gather dust. Looking at my bookshelf breaks my heart. And when I realize all the idles time I spent spacing out doing unnecessary things… that snaps the heck out of me. I’ve been too burned out to even do the things I love on my spare time. Too busy that I am losing something that makes who I am. I reflect through the books I read. I (even) used to think that I AM the books I’m reading. I don’t just choose randomly (well, almost). Because I don’t want to look back and realize that I’ve wasted my time in something that didn’t really matter. Because I want every reading experience to be worth it. Is it weird to want something like that?

Anyway, the whole point of this is that, no matter how hard it is to admit, I’ve been losing that side of me that I deeply love. I’m morphing into someone I don’t know if I even like in the first place. There’s this constant nagging feeling that I am changing and, as of today, I am not even sure if it’s for the better.

So much for all the drama.

No matter the backlogs, here’s a post to at least keep THE feeling. A new book haul!

We’ve been too busy in the past few months, and certain glimpse of breaks feel a lot special than they actually are. Strolling in the mall has become a past time and a breather. I decided to the visit the nearby local book store to buy some supplies… and to my (pleasant) surprise, there’s a sale going on. I naturally dug in, and what the heck, what I found was a pretty interesting and special thing.


To even find a David Levithan book in a pile of books on sale is soooo beyond me... that even without looking at the price tag, I immediately tucked it in. And it only costs freaking 99 pesos to boot! Good heavens!

Though I’ve read a considerable number of books in his name (thanks for breaking my heart to a million pieces, Everyday), this is (to my surprise, too) my first physical Levithan book. And I am so happy right now, I can’t even. You know that feeling when you almost can’t even? Yeah. Yeah, I know.

The book blurb says:

Evan is alone.
His best only friend, Ariel, is gone.
Evan is feels responsible.
And in her wake, Evan is left with nothing a guilty conscience and never-ending insomnia.
But then, while walking to school one morning, Evan finds an envelope in his path. Inside is a photograph. Of nothing, Except the spot where he is standing.
The next day, Evan finds another envelope. In the exact same spot as before. Inside is another photograph. Of him. Looking at the photo from the day before.
Evan’s not sure what to think. Is Ariel back? Are these photographs her way of tormenting him for reminding him of what he did to her? Or worse – has someone else found out what he did and is toying with him as punishment? Either way, he will not be able to sleep rest until he finds out who is responsible.
As the cryptic photos keep surfacing, Evan’s paranoia amplifies, and the feeling that he never really knew Ariel at all starts to paralyze dominate his life thoughts. Will he uncover the truth before he loses his mind his grasp on reality?
With Every You, Every Me, David Levithan and Jonathan Farmer have crafted a psychologically daring photographic novel about friendships won and lost, told through the eyes of a tortured teen struggling to live with a friend-shaped hole in his life – and with the idea that each of us can know someone only in our own specific, and singular, way.

Okay. That does it. In case you’re wondering, yeah, those strikedthrough words are intentional – which, in my opinion, will somehow make the whole reading experience pretty cool. Imagine reading complete trains of thoughts. That even if the words were not said, it is still being filtered… we still choose what we think and what shall go in our minds even before we let it out. That’s pretty, darn realistic right? Honestly I am really excited.

“I am not in love with you.” No. Not that, stupid.
I started skimming through it. And since this a photographic novel, something about it creeps me out. Especially when it is being instilled in your mind that the girl in the pictures is already dead. I don’t know if it’s just me, but looking at pictures of dead people spooks the hell out of me. Anyway, everything is good so far. And I am pretty dang excited. (I said it again, I know)

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