Monday, November 24, 2014

Just sayin'.

And so I speak like a high school student -- a fangirling, nerd little girl.

But whatever. What I really want to be doing right now is to separate my online, personal, and professional life from each other. And I don't really know why that is really hard to do, but I guess, this is just me adjusting with everything. I know it's been a year, but I still have so much to go, so much to work on.

I don't really think that what I want and what I do in my spare time determines the worth of my work and undermines the quality of my outputs and what I deliver to clients. 

They want to get outputs done. And maybe this is childish, but... I just want to have fun.

Maybe work is a statement of my values and all, and maybe it is indeed personal but it sure is not my life.

I just have so many thoughts right now, I can't even.

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