Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Twenty Three: 5 Things I Learned in 2014

A big 'Yey!' for me for I just turned 23

It's amazing how convenient having a birthday that's only one-day shy from when the calendar finally turns to another page. Like writing a birthday post and look-back-to-the-amazing-year post. Like this!

Honestly speaking, 2015 has been a great year for me. So much changes, adventures, and memories. Going through them one by one would be pretty damning. I'm just really, really thankful for all the blessings that I don't even know if I deserve.

Considering that I had a really roller coaster-y 2013, this year was a total upgrade! So instead, I am starting a new annual (hopefully) tradition... and that is: for me to at least list down the important things that I learned during the year that passed.

Here are some of the important things that I learned during 2014:

1. That stereotyping can only get you so far.
Who says being an introvert and being a bit friendly are mutually exclusive? Sometimes, I feel that labeling all things in our life limits the possibilities that we're willing to try and experience. I used to think that being more talkative than my normal self, sharing my innermost thoughts, and letting myself at least open up to other people would go against my nature. But it took actually doing those things to realize that I can actually enjoy them and feel happy about it.

2. That stepping out of your comfort zone ain't as bad as you imagined it.
Out-of-town trips. Scuba diving even if I can't swim. Setting up the Christmas table on our own.  Trying out new food that I won't even taste in the past for the life of me. Yay! This has been a year of firsts, and stepping out of my comfort zone -- and the thrill of it all made me realize that I've been missing out so much at life in the past. I've been relatively adventurous this past year and that made it memorable and worth it. Sometimes, it takes trying out something for the first time, no matter how terrifying it may seem, to realize that you'll definitely love it. Screw "I can't do it", it's time for "I'm not really sure but I'll try anyway."

3. That bridges burnt can still be fixed if you will it.
I've had the mistake of pushing some of the dear people in my life away. It took one friend to outright tell me that I've been pretty self-centered in the past and that I don't always know how to appreciate the care that others are putting my way. It was sad, and I realized it the hard way. But I did learn, too, that it was never too late to fix this kind of problem. I may have burnt some bridges, but it's possible to start rebuilding those that I so selfishly destroyed. It takes so much work, but in the process, I realized that these people deserved the effort. Some people are meant to stay in your life, and it's up to you to make them.

4. That making mistakes is okay as long as you learn from it.
This year, I learned that wanting to make mistakes is not really a bad thing. Lol. It was weird, I know, but it was pretty liberating. And although this year, I've made some pretty stupid decisions and did some really spontaneous, in-the-moment choices... I can say that it made my year fun and worthwhile. Some of this, I know, were pretty embarrassing... but it was unforgettable and what's important is that I learned from it. ;)

5. That things don't always have to be perfect and that's perfectly fine.
I've been sheltered my whole life. Well, maybe not the don't-know-the-suffering-of-the-real-world type of 'sheltered'. But at least, I think that I've been relatively well-off than others. Anyway, I've been pretty idealist in the past and the recent turn of events from the last two years taught me to not always expect these plans to all go smoothly. Things happen that disrupt the normal flow. Sometimes. things happen when you least expect it - whether it be good or a bad thing. And that the best thing to do is just go with it and not stress about all the little things that ruined your perfect little plan. Stressing over the planned details takes the fun out of a supposedly-perfect little thing. As I said in the past, there are times when you just simply realize that, no, it doesn't always have to be perfect.

It's been a bliss. And hopefully, 2015 will be too. I hope that these things will make me a better person than I am today in the future. It has been a great 2014 and may the coming year be an even greater one. Yey! :)

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