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Life in Squares: Week 1 (07.19-25.2015)

I am starting a new series called "Life in Squares" wherein I chronicle the going-ons of my past week through series of pictures a.k.a my Instagram posts. I know you've heard the title somewhere, and this may seem unoriginal (or, for some, a bit corny) but this is just me trying to atone for my mistake of turning this blog into a lifeless space in the interweb. This is me trying to be get involved once again - to show my readers, if there is even one, that there is still a live, human girl behind this blog.

In this fast-paced world that we are in right now, it's so easy to be caught up with short-form expressions of one's own thoughts. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Heck, I do admit that I've been more active in short-form media these days seemingly abandoning this blog that I've put my all in the past few years of my difficult life. But long-form blogging still have this charm I can never deny.

So enough of the trivialities, here goes:

cJuly 19 - 25, 2015

(L to R, T to B)

1. My sister and I tried this really cool place back at home called "The Backyard Food Truck Community". I was looking forward to the coffee during that time but it was just okay and the food was nice. It kinda looks like a hippster-ish kind of hangout place so it was awesome and a breath of fresh air, honestly. We sat on a table located just outside where you can see an ongoing live-art performance and an outdoor cinema featuring some NatGeo clips when I happen to snap a picture of their cool chandelier. It was made of plastic, cheap-looking at some angles -- but it was definitely nice to look at. I captioned it with a sentence from pleasefindthis' I Wrote This For You:

"So you look for patterns because that's what humans do to try and make sense of things."

2. Eating Korean Ice Cream never felt this good. Yum. Gone shopping to replenish some supplies at home, and it's really nice to just hang out at the mall bleachers after a good long walk, just observing people who pass by, and eating good food. Chocolate never failed to cheer me up.

3. I purchased Abby Sy's The ABCs of Hand Lettering one random day at the nearest Ministop. I was determined to have a new hobby during my slack days back then. And this is me trying it out for the first time while nursing my broken #feels because of my Me Before You hangover.
"Live boldly. Push yourself. Don't settle." - Will Traynor, Me Before You
4. This is what you get when you're reading a magazine in the middle of the night and you suddenly feel your creative juice flowing. Lol. By the time I was finished, I cut off nearly all I liked in that issue it was basically murdered. Anyway, it's nice to finally update my BDJ Dream Board. Haven't actually pasted it though.

5. Okay. So I was too caught up with my book hangover that I actually went to the nearest Fullybooked to look for a physical copy of Jojo Moye's Me Before You ( I only read it in .epub) to just outright feel it. As expected, it was so nice to just stare at the glory of the printed words (Will Traynor's letter. In print. #creys) since I was too broke that time for the life of me. Maybe next time. Haha. The #bookwormfeels are strong.

6.-7. I've been doing client work at Intramuros for a couple of days now. But this was the first time that I actually made the effort to climb that wall and marvel at its timeless feel. So, armed with my new trusty companion (Blackberry Q10's amazeballs camera), explore and walk I did. It was so picturesque, for some reason -- maybe the charm of all things vintage and old has not lost its charm to me. I enjoyed it so much that I even made something out of it:
These cobblestoned streets witnessed
more than we could ever see
for ourselves.
8. Attended the Feast Manila's second sesh after a looooong while! For a time now, this place has been such a breathing space for me -- and I feel like everytime I attend a session, I am being renewed. It is so awesome worshipping the Lord especially when you're sorrounded by people who are so much more passionate about this more than you could ever be or hope for. It is always pretty liberating -- and always worth all the trouble of commuting and braving through Manila's perpetually jampacked streets. #TFMForever

9. Random strolling in a bookstore with a camera in hand leads to totally instragrammable quotes and book shots. Yeah, yeah. Who else find this cute? Ah, the quirks of unrequited feelings.

So that's me. (VSCO Cam did a pretty good job making my shots look extra appealing. Yosh.)

And while my tweets are currently protected, I recently changed the privacy setting of my Instagram account -- so now, it's for public consumption. Though this whole "privacy setting" ruled my life for like months, I do think there's no point to it since I'm not really posting any crucial personal information to begin with. So yeah, here's my Instagram account: @rzzzp. Just follow away! :)

Till next week. - R.

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