Sunday, August 16, 2015

My comfort cafe is back!

It's back! It's finally back! 

After weeks of renovation, Press Cafe (Rockwell Branch) has finally reopened. 

Since our previous office was literally just in front of the Power Plant Mall, this cafe has been my go-to place whenever I feel down or just downright struck by the bad combination of stress + pressure in the past. Carbonara has always had a special place in my heart. And this is one cafe where I frequently get my fix of that. It's an added bonus that it's beside Fullybooked. So yeah, you could imagine the book hoarding (and window shopping) involved while waiting for my order to be served at my table.

It was fully renovated, in all fairness. With a more spacious and more minimalist design.

And with all the books and what-nots, I think they're trying to pattern the interiors with their Alabang branch back at ATC.

Wood was everywhere. Even the menu styling was changed. 

We really missed their Chicken Roulade! I liked their previous plating mroe, but the taste was still the same. :)

A plate of Carbonara for me!  

Pasta Arrabiata for my friend.

Although we noticed some slight change in the taste of the pastas that we've grown to love in the past, uhm, smaller serving, and, uh, less interesting platings (attention: people allergic to change), it was still a pretty filling dinner. 

I still can't get the Muji Store back at Rockwell out of my mind whenever I picture their new interiors. But it was really an upgrade from their past design. 

Whatever, I'm just so glad that it is finally back on business again. :)

Chill out nights are back! :)

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