Sunday, March 20, 2016

#TravelDiary: Zamboanga 2016

By the end of January 2016, I got the chance to fly to the south once again~ this time, it's Zamboanga, Asia's Latin City

Well technically, cheap flights allowed me to. Untimely vacation as it may be (the busy season is hanging over everyone's heads by that time), it still felt like a much needed escape to say the least.

It was a three-day thing, but it honestly felt longer. I don't know, but being in an unfamiliar place for the first time really changes one's perspective. I could recount all the things that happened, but frankly, I don't think people would be much interested in it. The thing with experience is that when you tell it to someone -- anyone other than yourself, it loses the full magnitude of its appeal, its colors would seem dimmer that you intend it to be. And I'm not sure I'd want that. 

Maybe this would be more worthy to be shared if it were a life-changing event, but it need not be of that extent for it to be memorable, at least.

I am posting these pictures in order to bookmark this place in exchange for the memories. It may seem a bit dramatic, but I indeed learned something about myself when I was away and melting in its beautiful sunsets.

I may have used more 'buts' than necessary. And frankly, it's quite exhausting trying to contradict one's self all the time. I don't even make sense at this point but what I am trying to say is that -- so long, you beautiful place. I hope I can still come back. :)

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