Saturday, December 24, 2016

In the cold Christmas morning of 2016

It took a moment to realize that, yes, I just dreamt that you were still around.
In my dream, you were just missing but you were found.
In my dream, it just took a long time but you woke up, you opened your eyes.
In my dream, you were not perpetually gone but you were alive.

I woke up with this weird, lingering feeling that is close to nostalgia or even emptiness. I wonder why it took a few more seconds still to say to myself that, "oh, I dreamed that".

In the cold Christmas morning of 2016, the first thing I dreamt about was you. They say in Christmas, one should wish to their heart's desire. Really, I won't be surprised if that was an unconscious plea on my end -- an impossible wish for an impossible heart.

Realizing the impossible distance between your wants and reality always hits hard.

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