Saturday, April 29, 2017


You were never on top. But for some twisted reason, you think you are - at least, you believe you can if you tried. You have this weirdly high standards with everything; but sadly, you can't keep up. And every time you fail to meet your expectations, something inside you caves in. Something breaks. And with time, the damage accumulates.

You started laughing less - choosing indifference rather than feel too deeply. You started to avoid deep conversations - because no matter how you explain it, you feel like they can't understand, not enough.

Slowly, you withdrew from a world that feels too much and too little at the same time. And before you knew it, the light in your eyes started to fade. You can feel it then, can hear it clearly despite the noise: something completely crumbled, forever changed. You can't go back now.

Just because you let four little words get in your head: "You are not enough." Words? They're wind but they're deadly. They can kill.

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